August 11, 2013


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Have you been a victim of a shed, house, garage or outbuilding break in and had property stolen such a distinctive bike, valuable tools, or electrical equipment including mobile phones, I-Pads or televisions etc.?

You can assist the police (and yourself) in helping to identify your stolen property, by first of all searching for the specific brand or model stolen, on obvious sites such as Ebay, Amazon and Gumtree. This will help speed up the process of identifying and locating your property because you will be much more familiar with the appearance or look as well as the specific details of your property.

You should think about Property Marking all your valuables as this really helps police identify the legal owner of stolen property and will get the items returned to you much quicker. The best way to Property Mark anything is to simply use your Postcode and house number, just 2 small lines of writing or etching will identify your house completely.

Having marked your property you should then join a scheme like Immobilise (the UK National Property Register at which is the world’s largest FREE register of possession and ownership details. This completely FREE register allows the public or businesses to register all kinds of property, including bikes, laptops, computers and all other types of gadgets in order that they may be speedily reunited if they are ever lost or stolen.

Here at Crime Prevention Products, we recommend that you Register with Immobilise right away and at least get started by adding a few of the more vulnerable items into the Register, should you ever have any of these stolen, just log in to the site and FLAG the item as stolen. If you have an item that is not yet registered, stolen, just log in and add it, THEN flag it as stolen. In this way you make the information immediately available to the police nationally.

Please also think about the following preventative measures to keep bikes secure:

Get a good bike lock, ALWAYS lock your bike at home even if it is in the garage or shed. Naturally, when out and about lock your bicycle up in a SECURE LOCATION such as a bike rack or a lamp post and remember to lock it even if you are only leaving it for a few minutes!

If you have ‘quick release’ wheels, secure them as well and remove lights from the bike and take them with you.

Keep safe, keep secure and by all means keep checking back with our blog for more useful suggestions that appear from time to time. One of the easiest ways of getting these blogs is to go to our Home Page and click the ‘Like our Facebook’ banner, you will not only get the blogs coming through but we also have a free draw every 3 months or so for all such followers.

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