July 29, 2007

Metal Detectors in Schools

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Metal Detectors Your Safest Choice:
Everyone has taken the time to pass through a metal detector and known that feeling of safety associated with it. It’s very simply put: metal detectors work and make people feel safe.

That added feeling of security is found throughout many of our day to day buildings we use in our lives and is also available to schools. By designating a particular entrance available to those entering the school you can control who goes into the building and what they bring into it.

handheld_metal_detectorHand-held Metal Detectors allow the teacher or security guard to physically detect whether the person entering has any metallic items on them. The security agent simply waves the hand-held detector around the person to locate the source of any metal object.

Wondering how metal detectors work? There is an interesting explanation behind this effective and crime preventing item. Metal detectors use electromagnetic induction to detect objects that are considered metallic. Inside of the metal detector is a tool that when induced by a metallic current, it creates a magnetic field. When the metallic field comes in contact with a gun, a knife or even something as small as a razor blade, the device either emits a warning sound or if preferred, vibrates silently in the holders hand to warn of the presence of the object.

Hand-held detectors are affordable and identify exactly where the metal is located on a person’s body.

Stop taking chances and consider the metal detector as a method of deterrence for would-be criminals. Any security expert will tell you that having a metal detector is the ultimate way to put fear into the hearts and minds of criminals. People will think twice when they realise they have to pass through a metal detector in order to gain entrance. Consider making your building or checkpoint safer buy a metal detector today.

July 22, 2007

Arson Attack Through The Letterbox

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Family rescued after arson attack

Six members of a family were rescued from their home after it was set alight in an arson attack. Burning objects and fuel were put through the letterbox of a flat in the Park Village area of Wolverhampton last Wednesday evening.

Two adults and four children were led to safety by firefighters. West Midlands Police said they were investigating the incident and have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

slimline_anti_arson_letterbox_openingThere are specially made anti arson letterboxes which are readily available which would prevent such incidents. These boxes come in various sizes suitable for the small home right up to the commercial offices and are very easy to install in a few minutes. They contain a neoprene tube which holds the extinguishant and works within a few seconds of the heat rising within the box. What is more, they also help prevent the material from re-igniting.

July 18, 2007

Car Crime can be Prevented with our Driveway Alarm

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Police are warning vehicle owners to be on their guard after a spate of theft and damage from cars in Borehamwood, Elstree and Radlett. In the last two weeks, 19 cars have been targetted according to Hertfordshire Police. Crime Prevention Officer Chrissie Barclay said: “Car criminals tend to be opportunistic and you can take precautions by parking in a well-lit spot or in your garage if you have one. Always lock your car. Never leave anything valuable in your vehicle and don’t leave ANYTHING visible.

You may know that a sports bag on the back seat contains your football kit – but the criminal doesn’t. Don’t take that chance.”

To reduce the risk of becoming a victim of car crime, police advise:

When Parking/leaving your vehicle
• Close all windows, including the sunroof, and lock all doors.
• Turn on the immobiliser and alarm if you have one.
driveway_alarm_new • Whenever possible park on your own drive, and remember to reverse the car in. The doors will then open the wrong way for a thief wanting protection. (One brilliant idea is to install a portable Driveway Alarm (pictured) which is so simple to use. The unit comes in two pieces, a transmitter and a receiver. Place the transmitter on your driveway at around waist height and perhaps at a 45 degree angle to the car. The receiver unit is kept indoors (you can even take it into the bedroom with you when you go to bed). Now, if anybody comes onto your driveway, the built-in movement detector will trigger the internal alarm to let you know that someone is about!).
• Put your aerial down to stop it being damaged.
• Don’t leave anything on display – take all your belongings with you.
• Remove your sat nav equipment remembering to also take the support cradle and suction pads.
• Remove your car stereo after every journey if it has a ‘face off’ facility
• Don’t leave anything of value in the glove compartment.
Property-mark your stereo and satellite navigation system, and any other valuables you take into your car regularly.

For more advice about vehicle crime, look at www.herts.police.uk.

July 16, 2007

Combating Counterfeit Currency

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Banknote forgery is becoming a major concern for many businesses and individuals alike. In recent times police have uncovered many counterfeiting rings working up and down the country. One group were convicted of conspiring to flood the UK with £50m in banknotes, and yet another investigation resulted in the largest ever haul of fake passports ever found in the UK covering 12 different countries including more than 200 fake British Passports, often considered too difficult to make!

An entire family and several family relatives and friends were convicted last year of counterfeiting £500,000 of Giro Cheques and Birth Certificates and police regularly warn shopkeepers to be vigilant following spates of forged notes suddenly appearing in an area. The usual ploy is to purchase low value items with £10 or £20 notes, so that most of the note’s value is converted into cash.

counterfeit_detection_penThe Crime Reduction Advisor for part of Essex Police Constabulary, Chris West stated that there are some simple but effective measures retailers can take like ‘ investing in a Counterfeit Money Marker Pen. They are relatively cheap and can be easily found on the internet. The pens react to starch in the paper and leave a dark mark if the note is forged. UV Lamps are another good idea as forged money shows up bright white under the lamp.’

multi_function_ultraviolet_lampThere are two types of Counterfeit Currency Detector Lamps, either battery operated or those connected to the mains. The battery types produce 4 watts of UV light from a single tube and run on 4 AA batteries. There is a small torch facility also provided so that you may also check the watermarking using the white light from the torch facility.

The mains operated versions (designed for retail outlets) offer a choice of 4 watt or even 12 watts of UV light. Some also include a white light built in to the base unit for checking watermarks and there is even one lamp, the Chaperone Multi-Function UV Lamp which not only has both black and white lights but also has a magnifying lens to assist checking the watermarks and micro lettering. This clever unit even has an Automatic ON/Off facility to help conserve energy and lamp life.

One final point is to remember that it isn’t only money that is forged, many illegal immigrants also provide forged birth certificates/passports or driving licences etc. and these lamps help identify these too!

July 1, 2007

My Favourite Personal Alarms

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genny_all_purpose_alarmThere are various styles of Personal Alarm available today and each has its own suitability for a particular purpose. Generally there are two types of alarm, those operated by gas and those that work on built-in battery. The advantage with battery operated Personal Alarms is that they are usually smaller and easier to carry and may also incorporate a small torch facility as well. One or two even have a Test button to easily check out the battery condition once a week. The ‘Genny’ All Purpose Personal Attack Alarm (pictured right) actually contains both a Test Button and a Torch together with a powerful 130dB alarm. This super piece of kit also has a handbag attachment as an option to the normal keyring attachment and a small belt clip as well. Robustly made of ABS this is truly the alarm that has everything!

If looking for something a little cheaper then you need look no further than the Chaperone® ‘Baysik’ Personal Alarm with Test button. Extremely well made it is the most popular personal alarm available today. Weighing in at half the weight of the ‘Genny’ at 30g and some 30% smaller in size, it still packs the same powerful 130+dB alarm and may be tested periodically by using the built-in test button.

trident_triple_action_personal_alarmFinally what is probably the best all-round personal attack alarm anywhere, the Trident Triple Action Personal Alarm. This packs enormous Gas Power producing an ear-piercing 138+dB alarm which really hurts the ears! Not only that, it sprays out a foul odour onto the attackers clothes and face which is all but guaranteed to make him recoil, not knowing what has hit him. When you add in the fact that you have also sprayed him with an invisible UV Tracer Dye that cannot be seen without the use of a UV Light (which the police use), there is practically no chance of him going undetected.

So, there you have my choice of the best Personal Alarms available today. They work because up until the moment you trigger the alarm, everything has been in the agressors favour, they have decided when and where and who is to be the victim, when suddenly they are confronted by a powerful alarm which shocks the attacker and gives the victim that momentary chance of getting away.

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