September 14, 2007

Female Guard Would have been Safer with a UV Defence Spray

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A security guard at a wildlife centre near Dundee was knocked unconscious after she disturbed three youths in one of the animal enclosures. Security at Camperdown Wildlife Centre had been heightened after vandals tortured and killed birds and animals there earlier this year.

stoppa_red_defence_sprayThe guard, who has not been named, was carrying out a patrol at about 9pm when she was attacked. She was taken to Hospital and released without treatment.

This shows the risks involved by security guards whilst trying to carry ouit their patrols, especially at night or in remote areas. The UV Personal Attack Defence Spray is designed to help protect a security guard from such an attack. It works by sending out a ballistic stream of a thick slimy substance that gets into the eyes, mouth and nose of the assailant from up to 3.5m. This is enough to stop the attacker in his or her tracks giving the victim time to make good their escape and call for assistance. Whilst completely unharmful (and therefore legal in the UK) the substance is very difficult to wash off which means he or she will be going home covered in this bright red slimy substance drawing attantion to themselves. In addition it also leaves an invisible UV trace on their skin and clothes which helps with later identification.

Two months earlier, three youths attacked animals at the small zoo on the outskirts of Dundee, leaving two dead. They poked out the eyes of a terrapin, cut a deer in the leg and the hindquarters of a pig before tormenting a Snowy Owl, which was so distressed by the attack that she ate her own chicks.

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