February 11, 2008

Personal Safety in Construction

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Building work is a hazardous profession at times, though generally, if safety procedures are adhered to and suitable work wear is supplied by the contractor and enforced there is a far lower risk to construction workers on site.

Recent Government inspections found that in nearly 30 percent of construction refurbishment sites safety regulations were not applied nor enforced, putting the workers lives at risk.

In 1500 inspections carried out last year, work was halted in 244 of the sites because it was felt that there was a real possibility that life would be lost or ruined through serious injury to the worker. It is sites like this which led to the deaths of 39 construction workers last year.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is committed to workers’ personal safety and will not allow projects to flout safety issues, endangering lives.

It is recommended that special care and attention, not to mention proper training is carried out in all building work. Safety Shoes and Safety harnesses are imperative as many of the lives lost were through working at height.

More and more contractors are realising that it is just not worth the risk. The deciding factor should be workers’ safety, but faced with the prospect of having their sites closed down should surely incentivise them to follow safety and personal security regulations to the word.

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