May 30, 2008

Chaperone Domestic Panic/Help Alarm

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Panic/Help Alarm which is designed for the elderly or infirm to allow the user to immediately call for help in the event of an accident, fall or feeling unwell. chaperone_help_alarm_kit1 It is also useful for anyone of a nervous disposition or those living alone.This compact unit includes a lightweight neck pendant as well as a Panic Button on the main unit itself, so help is ALWAYS going to be at hand. The pendant works within a range of appx. 150 feet of the central controller. All that is needed is to plug the unit into a telephone socket (we even provide a double socket adaptor) and a mains socket, insert the battery (for back-up in case of power failure), programme in up to 3 numbers of your choice together with a short 10 second recorded message and you are ready to go!

Once the Panic Button has been pressed, the central unit will begin calling the first number to be dialled & the user will hear this message being transmitted. When the called number answers, they will also receive the pre-programmed message and just need to press any button on their handset and they will immediately be in two-way communication. Should the called number not respond (by pressing any button) then the unit will begin dialling the second number in the list and so on. A very useful piece of kit and at a very reasonable price too!

New Replacement Professional Dummy Camera

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professional_external_dummy_camera_new_cam6We are pleased to now offer our latest Professional External Dummy Camera which replaces the old model. Made of powder coated die-cast aluminium, it is slightly smaller than the previous model and is more modern looking with it’s newly shaped cowling and bracket arm.

Measuring appx 385 x 146 x 115 deep, these items are ideal where a larger dummy camera is required, for example in car parks or on the corner of large buildings etc., and are the first line of defence against thieves.

This is an authentic camera housing and looks so real that only the foolish will take a chance!

There is a cable conduit coming from the rear of the camera leading to a junction box which is then fitted to the wall adjacent to the camera bracket.

Buit into this junction box is a small flashing LED and the box itself houses the batteries which will probably last a couple of years or more before replacement is required.

The flashing LED gives the impression that there is power being fed to the junction box and therefore, that the camera is real. Once fitted, you may pan & tilt the camera on the bracket to suit whichever way you want the camera to be looking. To compliment the dummy camera, you should consider also fitting warning signs informing the viewer that CCTV Recording is in use as this helps not only draw attention to the fact that cameras are in use, but if the cameras were real, would be a legal requirement!

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