June 30, 2008

Bike Alarms help reduce Bicycle Thefts

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chaperone_movement_detecting_bike_alarmThieves are in for a shock if they try and nick bicycles this summer thanks to a sophisticated new alarm now available by mail order. The Chaperone Bike Alarm (below left) is being backed by Crime Prevention Panels which hope the little black boxes (which are straightforward to fit) will spread across the country.

The summer months often see a rise in the theft of bikes with the mix of sunshine and children’s holidays seeing bikes left unguarded outdoors.

These 140dB alarms, that clamp onto a bike frame and are armed using a key, make a real racket when the bicycle is moved – acting as deterrent to scare away would-be-thieves. Imagine trying to ride off on a stolen bicycle that is screaming at 140 decibels as you go!

bicycle_cable_alarmTerry Rattee, Managing Director of Crime Prevention Products said “This alarm is a great contribution to preventing theft because any thief will drop it and run when they hear how loud it is.”

An alternative option is the  Bicycle Cable Alarm (shown right) which has a 120dB alarm and 8′ of reinforced cable built into it making it also ideal to secure lawn mowers – motor bikes – power tools etc.

These alarms are available in a few good shops but are easily obtainable by Mail Order from Crime Prevention Products, one of the UK’s largest Mail Order Suppliers of  Crime Prevention Products.

June 24, 2008

Dummy Cameras: Stop Them In Their Tracks!

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Crime is increasing in the UK whether it be the City or the Countryside, nowhere is immune from Burglary or Theft.  There are many good websites that specialise in all types of home and office security devices, and it is now possible to get the ultimate in crime prevention imitation surveillance devices.

Homeowners and Business owners alike, can now be fairly safe in the knowledge that their property is protected by the ever watchful eye of a Dummy Camera. They act like having a permanent guard on duty and work for free around the clock to provide on site security and peace of mind.

dummu_dome_cameraNaturally the camera itself doesn’t really do any actual camera work, but may be considered the electronic equivalent of a scarecrow.

Although they are Imitation, they provide a real deterrent. These Dummy Cameras look and act just like a real CCTV camera and without a doubt, are the very best available anywhere on the Web today. They can be purchased for a  fraction of the price of the real thing and installed in a very short time.  Anyone seeing these dummy cameras ( with or without their incorporated flashing L.E.D ) on your premises, will not want to take the chance that they will be seen on TV in Crimewatch or anything similar and will look for an  easier and less well protected target.

Security is important but prevention is always better than detection, ask any police officer, after all, it is their Primary Objective!

June 23, 2008

Personal Alarms Really Do Help Prevent Attacks!

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There are many reasons why a person might not feel safe walking alone, either at night or during the day. They might live in a crime-ridden area, tend to carry a lot of cash or valuable items such as jewellery or electronics, or simply have a healthy fear of criminal behaviour. For whatever reason, there are measures that you can take in order to protect yourself:  Self defence classes, always walking in a group of people, not blatantly carrying any valuable items on you or ever carrying any excess cash. However, these things aren’t ideal for many people and in these cases, personal alarms are a good option.

keyfob_personal_attack_alarm_with_torchA Personal Alarm is a small device that can be carried on a person constantly in case of a mugging or potentially dangerous situation. The alarms work on the basic principle that would-be criminals will be immediately put off of doing something when faced with the attention of the public.


When using a battery operated alarm (like the one shown left), it may, in some cases, be a good idea to throw the alarm away from you while running to safety.  Since battery operated personal alarms require the key-chain pin to be replaced before the alarm will shut off, the would-be attacker has no chance of shutting off the device and continuing with the attack.


standard_gas_personal_alarmWith a Gas Operated Personal Alarm (like the one shown right), you should always keep the alarm in your hand; they emit such a high pitched screech that should the attacker still be coming towards you, hold the alarm near their ear and they will definitely back off!

It is simple logic that dictates the rules of personal alarms; crimes such as mugging and individual attacks are largely committed during the night or in a concealed place where the attacker cannot be witnessed. The high pitched wailing of personal alarms automatically notifies any people within earshot (and that is a fairly high number even in a sleepy corner of town), and given the natural curiosity of people, the attacker is immediately faced with the chance of being confronted by the public or a police officer.

The chances of being left enough time to complete the attack are drastically cut and therefore the would-be attacker will often back off for fear of being caught.

If you feel unsafe alone outside your home, Personal Alarms are something you may want to look into for yourself. As a solitary traveller on the streets at night, having to walk through a bad part of town or even walking to and from your car at the station, you could be putting yourself at risk and it makes sense to try to protect yourself. A personal attack alarm could be just what you need to feel and be safe when you’re out on your own and don’t forget your daughter – wife or mother too!

June 17, 2008

House or Room Alarms help deter burglaries in University Towns

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Mothers and fathers, as well as potential students, take note. The most crime-ridden university city in the United Kingdom (outside the capital) is Nottingham, according to figures published last week.

The town, once known for its links to Robin Hood, contains the highly rated universities (Nottingham and Nottingham Trent), yet the number of burglaries and robberies is higher than in any other provincial UK city.

Nottingham recently acquired a name for being the gun capital of the UK, a name its citizens reject. It is, however, the burglary capital of the country, according to new statistics compiled by the Good University Guide from the Home Office. Students, in particular, are vulnerable to being burgled.

Runner-up in the crime stakes for university cities is Manchester, followed by Liverpool, Bristol and Leeds. The safest places in which to study are Canterbury, Bath and Lancaster.

keyfob_pir_intruder_alarmUniversities are no longer the places of safety they once were with around one in three students falling victim to crime each year. However, it is fairly straightforward to help prevent thefts from the rooms occupied by students by going to an online site where you will be able to buy a Room/Shed/Garage Alarm for as little as £24.95 which will sound a 130 decibel ear shattering alarm when someone enters an unnoccupied room.

If you are sharing accomodation with others, it works out quite cheap to purchase a couple of these alarms to cover the hallway and perhaps the communal lounge area and is easily turned on and off with the keyfob provided. You may even buy additional Keyfobs so that each person sharing the accomodation has one! Remember young people aged 16 to 24 are three times more likely to be victims of crime.

Thieves breaking in to university accommodation that houses, say, five students could net a tidy haul of five TV sets, five stereos and five computers. And such items can be sold on easily, providing rich pickings to any burglar.

That is why both the Home Office and the National Union of Students urge students to take out insurance and report crimes. And it is also why universities in the UK are now putting a lot of effort into improving security on campus by, for example, ensuring halls of residence have proper locks and lighting the campus properly

This year’s Good University Guide table shows that the positions of most of the universities has not changed since last year. Nottingham had the highest crime statistics of all cities last year, and Manchester was the runner-up last year, too.

If you want to look at crime statistics for university towns and cities, go to the Home Office’s website at www.homeoffice.gov.uk/rds/crimeew0607.html.  Click on Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnerships – recorded crime for key offences 2005-06 to 2006-07.

More information on the league tables and a whole lot more is on the Good University Guide Website located at www.thegooduniversityguide.org.uk

June 13, 2008

Marking your valuables helps police identify owners of lost property.

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HORNCASTLE people were given the chance to have their valuables security marked at a special event on June 9 when the town’s Neighbourhood Policing Team organised the event to make sure people’s valuables were marked or post-coded so they can be easily returned if stolen or lost.

Police Community Support Officer Nigel Wass said: “This was the perfect opportunity to come along and have your property security marked. Not only will this assist us if we ever have to trace the owners, but it will also act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of stealing it.”

Bicycles, Mobile Phones, IPODs, Playstations, Satellite Navigation Equipment, Garden Equipment and electrical goods are all targeted by criminals and getting them properly marked up will help in the fight against crime and prevent recovered property gathering dust in police stations!

Obtaining the correct type of property marking equipment is easy if you buy onlinewallet_property_marking_kit where there are a selection of tools from simple Permanent UV Marking Pens (including specialist pens for marking documents, glass & clothing etc.)

There are even Complete Property Marking Kits for protecting just about everything on the car, motorbike oe in the home.

There is also a selection of UV Lamps available for making the UV marks visual! which is really handy for checking that you have marked your property with the invisble UV ink correctly.

There is a useful website where people can also register their valuables at www.immobilise.com which helps reunite people with lost and stolen property.

June 11, 2008

Personal Alarms Can Save Your Life

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No one wants to think that they’ll ever be caught in a situation where they’ll face direct danger of physical harm. That is the type of thing that happens to other people, right? Always being alert, especially when using public transport or when you are in strange surroundings, is great personal safety advice. But being alert and prepared gives you an even better fighting chance in keeping you safe and secure.

Understanding Personal Attack Alarms

By carrying a personal alarm on oneself an attack can be deterred in the first few seconds by activating their personal alarm and emitting an ear-piercing siren that can cause an attacker to turn and flee.

The last thing an attacker wants is to attract attention and that’s the very job that personal alarms are designed to do. Its no coincidence that hill walkers and mountaineers pack personal alarms in their safety / survival kits in the event they may get stranded or injured and lost on a mountainside and can be located via the shrieking siren from their personal alarms.

Many personal attack alarms are small and unobtrusive. They are designed to blend into everyday normal attire and have the look and feel of a Keyring or a Wrist Alarm. Some personal alarms not only emit loud sirens but there are also Gas Personal Alarms can disable the attacker momentarily giving the victim time to escape.

By incorporating a personal alarm into you or your families everyday equipage is a positive step in thinking about personal safety. Attack alarms do not cost great amounts! They are very reasonably priced and manufacturers are continuously upgrading products to make them even more of a must-have buy for the safety concious amongst us. Its not bold to say ‘Personal alarms can save your life‘ it’s more fact than statement, nowadays.

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