July 28, 2008

Personal Alarms can be used to Frighten off Bag/Purse Snatchers on Holiday

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Violent crime is on the rise in many once-safe communities, and more and more people are finding it necessary to include an extra measure of security to protect themselves and their loved ones from assault. Passing through familiar or unfamiliar neighborhoods, being alone at the office or even just walking across the car park at night to get to your car can pose a serious risk to your safety.

Terry Rattee of Crime Prevention Products said “Going away on holiday is a vital time to begin considering a personal alarm which has the ability to attach to your bag or purse because sadly, bag and purse snatches are on the increase when abroad.”  

genny_all_purpose_alarmThe Genny’ All-Purpose Personal Alarm (seen right) has such an attachment which allows the user to connect one end of the alarm to their purse or bag and the other (with the pin connector) to a belt loop for example.

As soon as someone grabs the bag or purse, this triggers the 130+ decibel alarm and because it is still attached to the stolen item, it is screaming as they run. It would be a very brave thief that does not drop the item quickly.

There are many different types and sizes of personal alarms to suit every need and lifestyle. They travel easily in pocket or purse, and some personal alarms have other handy self-defence and safety aids built into them, such as a torch or flashing strobe light. These personal alarms are perfect for a woman alone, joggers and cyclists or night-shift employees who might have to enter a dark building or parking lot.

For more information or advice about other Personal Alarms and other helpful self-defence items, visit CPP at www.crimepreventionproducts.co.uk or telephone 01494 792592

July 25, 2008

Counterfeit £20 Notes Flooding UK

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Warnings have been issued about the use of forged £20 banknotes across the country in the last few weeks now reaching epidemic proportions.  Police officers have become aware of counterfeit £20 notes circulating in shops and other outlets across the UK and are advising retailers to compare any suspect notes with one that is known to be genuine, as there is always something that the counterfeiters cannot reproduce properly – usually the watermark or on poor quality paper.

The quality of the paper used in genuine notes is specially manufactured and almost impossible to get hold of by counterfeiters. Two things can help prevent you being caught out by a forged note; the first is a specially made Counterfeit Detection Pen which reacts to normal paper but not to genuine currency paper. The other is a UV Lamp (either Handheld UV Lamps which are battery operated or Mains operated units available) which will illuminate the ultraviolet marking within a genuine note.

Counterfeit Detection Pens are cheap to buy and have the advantage of being very easy to use in a busy environment, simply mark each note with a quick stroke of the pen and if the mark left is clear or feint then the note is probably okay but if it leaves a dark or black mark, the note must be treated as suspect.

UV Lamps work differently, by placing a note beneath the UV Light,  it will illuminate the ultraviolet marking hidden within a genuine note but can only be seen under the black light.  On all notes except the £50 note, the UV marking is the denomination of the note (figure 5 for a £5 note and the figure 10 for a £10 note etc). On a £50 note, there should be no reflection at all. Most forgeries are based on the £20 note, this is because a £50 note attracts attention of the shopkeeper whereas a £20 note is so common these days that they barely have a 2nd glance at them and of course, it is better for the forger to get £20 than £5 or £10, hence the proliferation of forged £20 notes at the moment! 

There is also a mains operated UV Lamp available which will not only give a brighter UV light but also contains a built in white light so that you can also check the watermarks (which are almost impossible for the forger to copy). Another good use for the white light is to check the silver line running through a note. On a genuine note the line is only intermittent appearing as dashes but the forger cannot do that but makes the line appear to be dashed, however, under the white light the line shows up as continuous, another forged note saved! 

Often counterfeit notes will be handed over among genuine ones, so shopkeepers are advised to check all money thoroughly but particularly £20 notes – and shoppers and shopkeepers should be aware that if they receive a counterfeit note, the bank will not compensate them.

More information about forged notes can be found on the Bank of England’s website.

July 21, 2008

Thieves Target Central Heating Oil Tanks

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The amount of oil held in the average outdoor central heating oil tank is probably worth at least £1200 and is now making it a real target for thieves.  Terry Rattee, Managing Director of Crime Prevention Products said “When you hear that thieves are already stealing petrol and diesel from cars parked up in the street because of the high cost of fuel at the moment, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be long before they  realised the huge profits to be made by stealing heating oil.”

driveway_alarm_newThere are two things that can be done to help prevent this type of crime. The first is to install a Driveway Alarm in the vicinity of the Oil Tank so that if anyone goes in the area of the tank, an alarm or chime is sent wirelessly to a receiver unit in the house.  (You may even fit additional movement detectors elsewhere around the garden which will send a signal to the same receiver unit inside). This way, the occupier is made aware of the movement and can take the necessary steps to stop the theft early.

The second is to secure the storage tank using a  Chaperone Siren Padlock Alarm which is robustly made and will trigger a 110 decibel two-tone alarm if tampered with!  Although the alarm stops after 10 seconds of inactivity, it will immediately re-sound if moved again and not many thieves want to hang around when such an alarm is going off, for fear of being caught.

Terry added “This Padlock Alarm is corrosion resistant and made with a hardened zinc alloy body and will sound off whether moved or subjected to shock (like being hit with a hammer or jemmy).  It is weather resistant and the batteries can only be accessed when the padlock has been unlocked.”

July 11, 2008

Fire Proof Letterboxes Will Prevent Arson Attacks

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POLICE officers have been conducting house to house inquiries in areas of Ramsey in relation to the ongoing investigation into a series of suspected arson incidents.  Two suspicious fires have now occurred in the town during the last 3 weeks.   The second happened at property in the Summerland area when a take- away food container was pushed into the letterbox and set alight.

A spokesman for the Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team said: ‘We are trying to gather as much information as possible and I am grateful for our community’s continued support and co-operation.”

slimline_anti_arson_letterbox_openingIf anyone has concerns about the security of their property, with particular regard to their letterbox access, you can get  Anti Arson Letterboxes  (see example right)  and metal Visor Guards (see below) which will defeat the criminal, hands down! visor_guard

The Fireproof letterbox contains a small polymer tube filled with  Ozone-Friendly FE-25 which will extinguish any fire within seconds, AND prevent it from re-igniting!

The Visor Guard helps prevent anyone reaching in through the letterbox to unlock the door or even to see much if they just try and peek in because they can only look downwards.  

Police are also hunting an arsonist who struck at a house in Dalton last week. A number of firefighters battled to stop the blaze spreading through the mid-terrace house in Harpe Inge, after being called at 2.45am. Petrol had been used to fuel the fire, which ripped through the downstairs rooms and spread to the rest of the house.  Smoke pouring from the blaze forced occupants of the adjoining houses to flee. 

Finally, in yet another attack an explosion which partially demolished a house in the West Midlands is being treated as arson, police have said. The blast in Smethwick, just before 5pm caused a severe fire and 3 people living at the three-storey semi-detached home were accounted for and a number of nearby neighborus were taken into temporary accommodation overnight.

July 9, 2008

Personal Alarms will help Tackle Hospital Violence

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A Retired senior police officer will lead a crackdown on violence in hospitals, it was announced recently.  Former South Wales Deputy Chief Constable David Francis has been appointed as NHS Tsar to protect staff from attacks.

A report to Health Minister Edwina Hart called for police patrols in hospitals, more CCTV and Personal Alarms to be issued to staff.  

Crime Prevention Products are the country’s largest mail order provider of Personal Alarms offering 13 different types of personal alarm both battery and gas operated and at really low prices so there is no excuse for not having one. There are different shapes and sizes of personal alarm available so there is sure to be one to suit everybody.

Mrs Hart did a U-turn in April after ministers had asked for Wales to be left out of legislation that outlaws disturbances on NHS premises.  Wales’s omission was overturned in Parliament following an outcry.

Trade union Unison’s Welsh health chief said: “This report highlights what needs to be done but it has the added value of the Welsh Assembly Government commitment to deliver changes in the workplace.”

July 3, 2008

Wireless Burglar Alarms help prevent a rise in burglary rates during hot weather

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Police are warning of an increase in burglary during heatwaves. Burglars are cashing in on the hot weather, leaving sun-seekers to count the cost. Windows and doors left open or unlocked while residents are out or even in the back garden, are an invitation to criminals, police have warned.

There were 12 house break-ins across Middlesbrough last weekend and the majority of houses broken into were unsecured, unlocked and without alarms.  Items stolen included computers and other electrical equipment, jewellery, purses containing cash and bank cards, and even a child’s car seat.

The haul from one house in Margaret Street, North Ormesby, included a car, after a two-in-one burglary. Now, Cleveland Police are urging householders to “alarm it lock it or lose it”.

bt_vp1000_wireless_house_alarm_40_offWith modern Burglar Alarms like the Wireless Burglar Alarm. available by mail order, a property can be easily protected and because they are wireless, may be fitted in about 2 hours by the average householder. With monitoring by BT costing only 16p a day, you will always know if your alarm is sounding and arrange the appropriate action from wherever you are, even away on holiday!

The monitoring service even informs you of power failure or interruption with the telephone line.

Middlesbrough CID, said: “It’s frustrating for us to learn of the figures for last weekend’s breakins – we repeatedly run campaigns and operations targeting house burglary and putting burglars behind bars. Generally the message is getting across and we are seeing good results. ”

Terry Rattee, Managing Director of Crime Prevention Products added: “With the recent warm weather I can only assume people are going out to enjoy the sunshine and forgetting to lock their doors & windows, or having no alarm on the property thereby giving opportunist thieves the perfect chance to take the householders’ property.”

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