August 27, 2008

What Kind of Security do you get from Dummy Cameras?

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If you are a business owner, no matter what kind of business that may be, chances are you have worried about the security of your money and your stock. You can’t be everywhere at once; watching the stock, the cash registers, the safes, the employees and the customers, it’s impossible and installing a fully-fledged camera system that covers every room and every angle can be a very expensive endeavour, especially if you have a lot of floor space.

dummu_dome_cameraSo what’s a concerned business owner or manager to do? This is the kind of stressful situation that can actually be alleviated with a full-scale security system that only APPEARS to be a security system. Dummy Cameras (like the one shown left) available by Mail Order from websites like Crime Prevention Products (who are one of the largest online retailers in the UK of this type of product), are a great way to deter crime in whatever form you feel it might take – shoplifting, employee thievery, or even just paid staff wasting too much time on the clock! The key is simply to hook up an elaborate (or simple, as the case may be) network of dummy cameras where they seem to be semi-hidden but are in fact in plain view.

Although dummy cameras are clearly not going to monitor your space in actuality, they will give the impression that they are to anyone who might pose a risk. Would-be shoplifters who see what looks like a security camera pointed right at them aren’t going to stuff anything into their pockets, and staff members who work in front of the fake lens all day aren’t likely to make off with any of your cash. The real job of dummy cameras is to instil fear into the hearts of potential criminals who could very well hurt your profits or even your business reputation. As far as thieves are concerned, dummy cameras are exactly the same as real cameras because they are in view, and they appear to be recording the day’s events for you to review at any time you see fit.

professional_external_dummy_camera_new_cam6The key to success with dummy cameras is to NOT LET ANYONE KNOW THEY’RE FAKE! With the possible exception of store managers and partners (use your own discretion), if one person knows you are using dummy cameras, word will spread. Initially, it will be harmless – one innocent staff or family member will tell a friend, and the gossip will continue until someone who is not so innocent hears the news. If you want to keep your business safe using dummy cameras, you have to keep the security measures to yourself. Think about it this way – if you are having trust issues with customers and staff members in the first place, you can’t extend any trust to these same people when it comes to security cameras.

So are dummy cameras actually as effective as real camera security systems? Well, they can be, so long as you take the necessary precautions to prevent anyone from discovering that they are fake. Don’t install dummy cameras anywhere that people can reach or play around with them – they’ve got to be out of reach, but in view just the same. Keep this in mind and your business is much safer for it!

August 22, 2008


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CUMBRIA Police are advising people to secure their gardens in the same way they secure their homes to combat the rise of garden related crime over the summer months. Many gardeners are keeping up to £2,000 worth of ornaments and tools outdoors but doing almost nothing to protect them and their garden sheds could be thieves’ target.

Terry Rattee of Crime Prevention Products advises keeping garden sheds and gates locked and fitting Prikka Strips to wall or fence tops to thwart burglars ensuring your boundary fences, walls and gates are kept in good order as these provide a valuable deterrent for the would-be-thief.

chaperone_siren_padlock_alarm_dw24Make sure the fabric of your shed/garage is in good overall condition and fit a good quality lock to the door making sure any fittings are bolted through the door with concealed screws. He suggests fitting one of the latest types of Siren Padlock Alarm as they are not expensive and will pay for themselves very quickly. They are robust padlocks with the huge advantage of triggering a loud two-tone 110 decibel siren if anybody tampers with the lock. The alarm switches off after 10 seconds if no further movement is detected, so it will not annoy the neighbours but will immediately re-sound if the lock is tampered with again. A little expense in terms of the lock can be money well spent and may help with any insurance premiums and subsequent claims if the worst does happen.

keypad_pir_intruder_alarmMarking equipment with your postcode or name using a Permanent UV Marking Pen increases the chances of the property being recovered and returned to its rightful owner and can be done quickly and easily. There are also Alpha Dot Marking Systems available which are small pots containing hundreds of tiny micro dots suspended in liquid which are simply ‘painted’ into inaccessible areas with the small brush provided. A few dabs with the brush into corners etc. are enough to deposit quite a few of the micro dots, each of which contains a unique identifying code which is traceable back to the owner via a free database. Remember, the thief would have to find ALL the dots whereas the police only need find ONE!

With the warmer weather over the summer months a lot of people will be regularly using their bicycles and storing them in sheds and garages. This is one of the most popular items for thieves to steal and sell on. Shed Alarms are a useful deterrent and can be purchased for just a few pounds and are available by Mail Order.

August 15, 2008

Cracking down on conmen with the Chaperone Spyhole Doorcam

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A NATIONAL operation to target unscrupulous conmen and distraction burglars has resulted in arrests in the Gwent area last month. The operation actively targeted individuals and groups who deliberately overcharge for unsatisfactory services or goods, charge for unnecessary work, obtain money, leave work unfinished and worst of all, intimidate in order to extort money.

Gwent Police said: “This operation was all about tackling unscrupulous people who cold call, often on the most vulnerable people in our society and overcharge for unsatisfactory or even non existent work”.

chaperone_spyhole_doorcam_dw8When it comes to Bogus Callers and Distraction Burglary (where someone calls at the door under the pretence of needing access to the house to check for a water leak, for example) there is a brilliant new device just out called the Chaperone Automatic Spyhole Doorcam.   

As the name suggests, this little unit fits into the door like a normal spyhole but is connected to an inbuilt  PIR movement detector & camera which, when it spots movement up to a few feet from the door, will automatically record good quality full video of the person or persons face in addition to recording any speech!   This is recorded onto a simple SD card and may later be used in evidence or to help identify the criminal.  As the operation is automatic, the homeowner doesn’t have to remember to do anything but if a crime occurs (or an attempt) the information can be quickly recovered for the police.

The Chaperone Spyhole Doorcam is available from Crime Prevention Products who are one of the largest online retailers in the UK of this type of product. Managing Director, Terry Rattee said “There is often a link between rogue traders and distraction burglars whereby if a person becomes a victim of a rogue trader or distraction burglar, they will often become a repeat victim because of the exchange of information between these groups.”

The Wales regional enforcement operation, which took place at the end of  May  included police forces, along with local Trading Standards units within each local authority. Its aim was to reduce the number of rogue trading incidents and distraction burglary offences through robust enforcement, and to raise public awareness of doorstep crime.

As a result of the operation, there were 13 vehicles seized – 19 Trading Standards offences detected and 5 incidents reported from members of the public.

August 4, 2008

Number Of Young Offenders Soars to All-Time High

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The number of young offenders being dealt with by police and the courts has jumped by more than a quarter in the last six years.

In some areas of England and Wales, the number of under 18’s being handled by the criminal justice system has nearly doubled in the same period. Figures gathered under the Freedom of Information Act showed a 27% increase in the number of children and youths convicted or cautioned. The number of under 15’s increased by a third, and there was an 11% increase in the number of adults dealt with by the criminal justice system in the same period.

For example a 28-year-old woman has become one of London’s latest victims of knife crime after she was stabbed to death outside a supermarket in south London – 500 yards from her house.  Dee Willis was stabbed several times in the upper body outside a supermarket in south London.

Her death was the third in the capital in three days and the second in as many days in south London. It followed those of Ben Kinsella and Hamouda Bessaad who died on the Sunday and Monday and it comes in the wake of the news that more than 1,000 people were arrested after the Metropolitan Police’s latest knife crackdown.

26,777 stop and searches were carried out and over 500 weapons recovered during Operation Blunt Two, a six-week operation that led to 1,214 arrests.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner joined the London Mayor, Boris Johnson, in urging the public to do more to counter knife crime.

In another incident a Jewish man was stabbed in Golders Green, just meters from the scene of a double stabbing back in April.  The 55-year-old man was stabbed with a knife at about 8.40pm.  A police spokesman said the man was found with a single wound under his arm and he was taken by ambulance to a north London Hospital in a stable condition. 

With the increase in violent, unprovoked assaults taking place around the country and the massive increase in youth crime (the principal protagonists in this type of crime) now is the time to consider something like the UV Personal Attack Defence Spray  which is specially formulated (and therefore legal) for the UK market and made by Mace.

stoppa_red_defence_spray_sprayed_faceThe spray comes in handy canisters which will fit easily into a pocket or bag and you can even get a small pouch to fit onto your belt. A simple press on the firing button will cause the Defence Spray to shoot out a stream of sticky goo into the face of any assailant (see opposite). This then spreads getting into the eyes, mouth and nose and whilst causing no harm (completely non toxic) the attacker will reel back not knowing what has happened. This will usually give the victim enough time to get away from the scene.

The attacker meanwhile, is left with what looks like blood all over him or her which is going to draw attention to them as they also run away. Not only that, but it leaves an invisible ultraviolet trace on their clothing and skin which may help with identification later.

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