February 27, 2009

Preventing Letterbox Arson Attacks

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The death of three year old, Francesca Bimpson, after petrol was poured through the families house letterbox and set alight is a tragic reminder that arson attacks on home properties are becoming a worrying trend. In the early hours of this morning, in Barton, Oxford, a house was targetted by arsonists and set alight by pouring petrol through the letterbox – luckily there were no injuries. In Dorking, Surrey, on the 5th of this month, Lindsay Wooff and her teenage daughter, were subjected to an arson attack when someone stuffed burning paper through their letterbox. No one was hurt in the attack but the incident has shaken Mrs Woof deeply – this random attack was apparantly motiveless.


February 24, 2009

UK Police Forces Cut Jobs

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In what can only be described as ‘astonishing news’, the UK Police Force are cutting thousands of Police jobs across many departments despite many claims that we are admidst of a recession-led crimewave. The job cuts are a result of a funding shortfall and have senior policemen and police groups worried and anxious over the news.


February 20, 2009

Counterfeit Detection Lamps Just Got Smarter & Smaller

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The latest counterfeit detection model from Chaperone – The Multi Function Counterfeit Detection UV Lamp – has just been released and there are 2 main features that are instantly noticeable about this unique detection product :

* Its size, it is a lot smaller than previous counterfeit detection models
* Counterfeit Detection models just got a whole lot smarter, new technology helps the detector to switch on and off automatically, thus saving energy AND bulbs!


February 17, 2009

New UK Crime Ad Campaign Launched

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The British Government this week launched a new £1.6 million national ad campaign to help the public protect their homes from burglars. The government hasn’t physicaly said that as the current recession deepens, crime rates are expected to soar, but you just have to read between the lines to see how nervous they are becoming about home security. UK Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, who helped launch the crime ad campaign said, “Most burglars are opportunistic …This campaign is about making sure that people are aware and doing everything they can to protect their homes”.


February 6, 2009

Ranch Style Driveway Alarm

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When it comes to safegaurding large private properties, there is hardly an alarm out there thatcan match the range, price and quality of the Ranch Style Driveway Alarm. This impressive alarm has a range of 900 meters (over half a mile – line of sight), is completely weatherproof and also has a 12 month guarantee included. The Ranch Style Driveway Alarm is quoted as being the next step in the evolution of wireless driveway technology.


February 3, 2009

Hull Named as UK’s Car Crime Capital

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steering_wheel_thatcham_approved_lockA latest report released by Endsleigh Insurance has placed Hull at the very top in UK car crime. Figures show that Hull has an astonishing 122.6% higher rate of car crime than the UK average. Hull was closely followed by Nottingham, Machester and Stockport. Safest place in the UK, according to the report, for vehicle owners was Swindon.

During 2008, Wiltshire Police constantly provided the people of Swindon with crime prevention advice such as parking in garages and well lit areas. Using Steering Wheel Locks are an excellent way to stop your car from being stolen.

Never leave personal objects, in full view of a car seat, like mobile phones, ipods, gameboys etc… . Make sure your doors are locked and secured. If your filling up at a petrol station, don’t leave the keys in the ignition while you go to pay your bill. Simple yet sound advice can help prevent car theft and break-ins.

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