March 27, 2009

Safest Houses in England & Wales

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Latest research poll released by Virgin Home Insurance has highlighted where the safest houses are in England and Wales alongside pointing the houses that are at most risk. Virgin Home Insurance ranked all the major towns and cities in England and Wales to find where the safest and riskiest homes were located. They scored each area by criminal damage, burglary and flooding and levels of protection from Neighbourhood Watch schemes, as well as numbers of police officers. After the assessment was ran it emerged that householders in Kensington & Chelsea had the most safest houses, while homes in Doncaster were at most risk from criminal damage, burglary and increasing flood levels.


March 24, 2009

Door Security and Bogus Callers

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door_chain_mirrorBogus Callers it seems are still talking there way into our homes and helping themselves to our valuables and belongings, in some extreme cases violence is used. It is estimated there are around 35 bogus caller crimes committed everyday in the UK (Source: Home Office). These imposters will try and impersonate Water Board Engineers, Gas / Electricity Meter readers etc… anything they can think-of to scam their way into your home.


March 20, 2009

Give Personal Alarms This Mothers Day

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chaperone_pocket_keyring_torch_ao13blueAge Concern, the UK charity for the elderly, is prompting those of us with elderly Mothers to swap our Mothers Day gift of choclates/flowers for life saving personal alarms. The charity is concerned that the older generation are prime targets for thieves, muggers and robbers so personal alarms may be vital to help fight off / prevent attacks from happening. But the charity is also aware that personal alarms are a great way an elderly person to bring help if they have an accident or fall.


March 17, 2009

Smoke Hoods Review

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smokehood_smoke_maskA Smoke Hood is a protective mask similar in style to a gas mask except that it covers the full head and is fully air tight with the ability to turn poisonous carbon monoxide fumes to harmless carbon dioxide through its air filtering system. This makes Smoke Hoods an ideal safe measurement to help individuals escape fires in buildings and moving vehicles such as trains or aircrafts. Smoke Hoods can be fitted over the head in less than 10 seconds and each one has a large, protective eye view area giving the wearer an unlimited clear field of vision.


March 11, 2009

Top UK Versus US Crime TV Shows

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We sure love a good old cop show here at Crime Prevention Products and so does a majority of our readers. So, we decided that we would bring together for the very first time a collection of cop / crime shows from both the UK and USA that has dominated our TV screens over the last 40 years. We hope you like our crime show play-offs and remember if you feel we have missed your favourite out or you don’t agree with our choice then let us know via the comments.


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