July 23, 2009

Home Security Driveway Alarms

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house-security-driveway-alarmsWith the recent crime figures showing that robbery and burglary are on the increase (source) you won’t be alone in thinking about additional home security measures to help protect your home. We have talked before here on the CPP Blog about using security markers for your possessions and personal attack alarms for you and your family as handy, reliable home security measures.

However, wouldn’t it be good if you could actually hear people or cars coming up your drive or approaching your home. Driveway Alarms are an ideal way to help alert you that someone is approaching your home, garage or garden shed. Many of the driveway alarm systems available can have extra sensors attached so you can protect multiple areas of you property from the same source.

Driveway alarm systems work by placing sensors in the areas which you want to protect. These sensors send out an invisible beam of light, which when broken by a person or car or some other object fires off an audible and lighted signal to the base unit alerting the home owner.

Once alerted by the Driveway Alarm a person is then prepared to see who is approaching, and if required can call the authorities. Simple and easy to set up, these driveway alarm systems will help protect your family and possessions by deterring thieves or burglars.

July 21, 2009

Help Drive Down Crime Figures

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It has been reported in the Daily Telegraph that crime has hit a new high, this is now the highest since 1994 – in the last year nearly a quarter of all adults in the UK have been a victim of either pick pocketing, shoplifting or robbery according to the British Crime Survey. This is extremely disturbing News for the Home Office who have been accused already this year of ‘masking statistics’.

July 9, 2009

SOCA Gets New Chief! Are The Crime Gangs Quaking In Their Boots?

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The new head of the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) has been announced, Sir Ian Andrews will head Britain’s fight against serious crime. This multi-million pound organisation will work with the Police in its endeavour to cut crime. There are a few people who are shocked by the decision to make Sir Ian the head of this organisation, due to the fact that he has no Police training and spent most of his life as a civil servant.

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