December 16, 2009

Light Security with the IllumiCam Security Floodlight

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Let’s face it at this time of year opportunistic thieves will do anything to try get something for nothing and that might include them walking straight-up your garden path to see what security measures you have installed within your premises. At this time of year many thieves will be targeting people’s garages and sheds knowing full well that these outbuildings have the least security fitted. Although we try our best to protect our homes we sometimes forget about our outbuildings.

Thieves get to know which house has genuine alarms and which have no alarm system what so ever.

December 1, 2009

Home Guard CCTV

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home-cctvThere is one sector in the security industry that has seen much improvement over the last few years, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) this has went from simple, grainy black and white images to high grade colour with optional infra red detection and multi zoom capability.

With the dark nights now here people are thinking about extra security, and, especially with the run up to Christmas they are not taking any chances when it comes to protecting their possessions. Many people will be considering CCTV systems as the main advantage of this is that it will give your home or work premises 24/7 protection either monitored or recorded.

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