July 29, 2010

Running On Alarm Power

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How many people up-and-down the country have recently purchased garages, sheds or even an extra outhouse? Then filled them with expensive items such as power tools, golf clubs, lawnmowers, heck even the family car, if there’s room. Now, how many of us have electricity wired up to their new garage, shed or outbuilding? Not many, I bet. Of course there are instances when hooking up your shed to the national grid is just not required – mostly, though, it’s the expense which puts us off the idea.

If you fall within the group of people (probably, the majority) that don’t have electricity running to your garage, shed or outbuilding, yet still need to fill it with expensive items and are worried about security then here at Crime Prevention Products we have just the product for you. The Yale Wireless Burglar Alarm Including External Siren is the perfect answer for the more remote location where power is not available, for example vulnerable farm buildings with expensive machinery or stock contents, remote houses or buildings, boat yards, Stable tack Rooms and even Containers which are used to hold valuable equipment.

July 23, 2010

Feel Safer With A Personal Alarm

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What is about a small device measuring no more than a couple of inches square that can make people feel much safer whilst walking alone to the shops, home from a friends house or even on a night out. In today’s world, personal safety has to be one of the biggest concerns that we face and it’s not only women and the elderly but this also applies to teenagers and men. Personal alarms have the ability to give many people the peace of mind they require to go about their daily business.

Personal alarms
work by emitting a loud, high-pitched noise which will disturb you attacker thus giving you the time required to make your escape or even better let passers by know that you need assistance.

As the purpose of a Personal Alarm is to frighten and alert then the louder the better. We at Crime Prevention Products have some of the loudest most compact personal alarms on the market sounding out a powerful 120, 130 and even 140 decibels.

July 13, 2010

What Price Do You Put On Your Home Security

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When we mention the word security we automatically conjure up images of bulking six foot plus men dressed in black suits keeping the crowd away from celebrities or shadowing big name political leaders. In reality, security can be defined as a measure that is undertaken to counteract the actions of people attempting to cause destruction or theft.

We like to think that one of the safest places we know is within our own four walls. No matter what is going on outside, we can block it out by closing the windows, locking the doors and like a medieval walled city gates we’ll feel safe inside.

However, from the beginning of time there have been people which have taken possessions that didn’t belong to them, as far back as the pre-dynastic Egyptian tomb raiders. In modern times, things may have changed some but are they really any better when we think of protecting our possessions – we still have people who are only too happy to take full advantage of an open window or an unlocked door – even more so now as the ordinary modern family acquire more material possessions than ever before.

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