September 10, 2010

Illuminating Home Security

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Most people have some type of security for their homes, offices or work sheds whether it’s a simple burglar alarm, door and window protection or even one or two security lights. These are often enough to deter opportunistic thieves from your premises. If, however, you wish to beef up your own home security measures one of the best and most effective ways is to install a driveway alarm.

When we mention driveway alarms we automatically think of the large properties that sit well back from the main thoroughfare, the homes with the very large gates and long drives, when, in reality, driveway alarms can be used as an extra security protection in any property.

September 3, 2010

You Don’t Need To Be A Celebrity To Have Personal Protection

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When it comes to personal protection we have to take responsibility for our own, well unless you’re royalty, or a well known pop idol or a football hero or some other A-listed celebrity but for most of us it’s down to our own devices to find the best products to help protect us in times of need.

In today’s society there are those that are only too happy to take advantage of others lack of protection/security, this can lead to the theft of money, goods or even attacks on a personal level.

Personal Protection comes in a number of ways from Gas Operated Personal Attack Alarms to simple door chains on a vulnerable exit. Each are designed to help protect and discourage someone from intruding into your own personal space. With the dark winter nights only a few months away now is the perfect time to start thinking about how and why you should protect yourself.

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