October 29, 2010

Property Marking Makes Good Sense

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It seems to be a buzz word right now in the home security business, but ‘property marking‘ makes for very sound common sense and one which we have been banging on about here, at Crime Prevention Products, for a good few years now.

Recent news about the Police Force cuts, no doubt, has a few people concerned about the rise in crime, especially burglaries and opportunistic theft in residential areas. Property Marking Kits and pens can be used, quickly and effectively, to help trace back any possessions that may have been stolen. Normally marking your possession with your postcode is ideal for quick identification.

Using Property Marking kits on your valuables can also have a positive effect with your insurance company – normally, reducing insurance policy costs. Lets be honest, it is an almost impossible task for the Police Force to return stolen goods to their rightful owner – if they haven’t been property marked. Unmarked, unclaimed, stolen goods normally end up in a Police Auction house and will be sold for a low price, way under market value.

There is also the emotional aspect of having a personal item or possession stolen. How do you explain to a kid that their brand new bike is missing? The days of thinking that once it is stolen, you’ll never see it again, are in the past.

By using Property Marking Kits, you have documented that particular item as belonging to yourself, and if that item is stolen and recovered by the Police then they can quickly establish that it is stolen property and return it to yourself and also charge the individual(s) they obtained it from with theft.

October 26, 2010

Futureproof Your Home Security

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Since the new Coalition Government announced it’s measures to bring Britain back from the brink of economical disaster there have been reports, discussions and even demonstrations about what this will really mean to the people of this nation. One area that will be under the spotlight is our great Police force. In a recent news article centered around the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) as they revealed that the police budget for 2011-12 could be reduced by as much as £88,560,000 or the equivalent of losing 2,808 police officers.

With all these Police Officers missing from the streets of Scotland, the SPF have warned that this could be a “false economy that would set Scotland back by decades!”, They also warned that crime levels WILL increase, stressing the knock-on effect on costs to the National Health Service, the courts, social work and other agencies. However, this report is not just unique to Scotland, this will be common to all our Police Constabularies within the UK over the next few years – we can expect to see less police visible on our streets.

Considering what may lay ahead, now is the perfect time to increase your own home security and think about your own families personal protection. Crime Prevention Products have a wide range of security hardware that are guaranteed to help you safe guard your home, family and possessions. No matter what the future holds, it is always better to be prepared!

October 22, 2010

Internet Security

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Nowadays, people use the internet for a number of reasons, including shopping, entertainment, where to find stuff, talking to family and friends in distant countries, meeting new friends or even dating. The list is endless, and as our love of being online continues to grow then so will the reasons as to why we need to be hooked on to the net 24/7.

Most of Britain is able to receive a decent internet bandwidth connection so why not use it to help protect your family and home. Just imagine being out a friends home, at a conference or even away on your annual holiday and you wish to check on your home or even how the babysitter is doing looking after your children?

Available now at Crime Prevention Products is the Secure View Day and Night Wireless Internet Camera, which will allow you to watch your home day or night and transmit in real time. So you can see exactly what is happening right now via a secure live feed direct to your internet connection no matter where you are in the world. Although this camera is initially for internal use there is now a separate weather proof external housing attachment available so you can view the outside of your premisses. The camera will even send you a still image snapshot direct to your email account showing you what triggered it’s sensors.

This is one of the better internet based home security products as to why we need to be connected to the internet.

October 20, 2010

Halloween Personal Alarms

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With Halloween just around the corner, there is bound to be a spate of fancy dress parties taking place all over the country. Many revellers will be dressed up in some fantastic costumes and expect to have a good time drinking and partying the night away. One of the biggest problems with Halloween costumes for females is that some costumes can be “low cut and sexy” & expect the girl to be scantily dressed. It’s all part of the good fun and nature of Halloween.

Problems arise, however, when individuals see this as an invitation to take advantage of the situation and take it a bit too far. If you’re heading out this Halloween to a University, College, Pub or Club bash then consider taking a personal alarm with you. This small device will alert anyone that is passing that you require assistance. Crime Prevention Products have a range of Personal Rape Alarms that will fit discretely into your bag (no matter how small it is).

October 15, 2010

Spooks, Ghosts and Thieves

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Towards the end of this month, many of us can expect some of the local children to be chapping at our front doors, dressed up in many weird & wonderful costumes, all in an attempt to scare us and be rewarded in treats. Children and parents have been ‘Trick or Treating’ in this country for decades and in general this is all good harmless fun. However, there will be some criminals that are only too happy to take advantage of the old and vulnerable at this time of year.

These gangs operate by distracting the victim while one of the other members sneaks into your home and takes money, possessions or whatever they can carry. Crime Prevention Products have a wide range of anti-theft devices and home security products which will ensure you can feel safe in your own home long after the witching hour has come and gone.

October 13, 2010

Business Security Never Need Be A Swan Song Again

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When it comes to protecting small businesses there are several methods you can use to help protect and deter opportunistic thieves from stealing your merchandise.

However, what happens if you have large premises or a warehouse – it can be much more difficult to protect all your stock plus keep an eye on who is coming in and out of the premises.

Crime Prevention Products are always on the look out for the best in home security products as well as factory security products and we are pleased to be able to supply you with the Swann CCTV System complete with a 19inch Colour Monitor. Not only does this system comes with a massive 500GB Hard Disk Drive which will be sufficient for 30 days continuous recording or the fact you can view live video on your 3G Phone and excellent night vision up to 15 metres but you can also view via the internet, just the thing when you are away on business.

October 8, 2010

Putting Out The Firework Nuisance

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Towards the end on this month most of us will be sick of hearing the constant banging of fireworks being set off at night. Many of these fireworks will be set off by youths, probably after a few drinks and many be will set off in harmless fun. However, there will be some youths or gangs which can take this a bit too far and may ‘think’ it’s funny to post fireworks through the letterboxes of homes, shops or even the local school building. This can often cause thousands of pounds of damage or even worse – place someone’s life in danger.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we know that we cannot stop people buying fireworks or alcohol but we can stop the fireworks from entering your premises. These Anti-Arson Letterboxes contain a thermo-sensitive polymer tube which is filled with the ozone friendly extinguisher FE-25 which will put a fire out in less than 15 seconds. All our extinguishers are designed for homes, businesses and local schools.

October 6, 2010

Winter Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Dangers

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Just about this time of year we experince the the sudden drop in temperature as the cold damp air starts to creep into our homes. Now is the perfect time to be turning up the thermostat on the gas central heating system or even turn on the gas fire in the living room – just to take the chill out of the air.

One of the major problems with fuel burning appliances is that – if they are not running efficiently they will cause Carbon Monoxide, which will kill you. Carbon Monoxide is tasteless, odourless and colourless making it difficult to detect if it is leaking from a gas appliance. One of the best ways of alerting you that Carbon Monoxide is present in your room is to have a alarm that detects this killer.

One of the best Carbon Monoxide Alarms available is the Battery Powered Electronic Carbon Monoxide Alarm which is also guaranteed for 5 years. Around 30 and 50 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. Even a small dose of carbon monoxide poisoning can be very harmful to an individual – signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are headaches, vertigo, and flu-like effects. Again it is very difficult to tell the difference between carbon monoxide poisoning and contracting the flu around this time of year. Carbon monoxide poisoning is the most common type of fatal poisoning in the UK. By installing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm you can help detect this silent killer early enough.

October 1, 2010

Protecting Your Gardening Equipment

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As many gardener knows this is a crucial time of year as they have to prepare their land for the next growing season. However, one of the main problems about this time of year is the fading light. Gardeners will work through all weathers but they struggle to work in the dark.

Gardening equipment can often cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds and where do gardeners place there tools after a long day – in most cases they’ll likely tuck away that expensive equipment in an unsecured shed at the bottom of the garden.

With Christmas just a few months away, thieves will be looking for ways to gain extra money. Unfortunately, this might mean your shed could be penciled down on their shopping list as a potential prime target for them to give a little night time visit

Thankfully, there are several ways that you can deter thieves from entering your premises, but one of the best is by installing security lighting. Crime Prevention Products recommend the Illumicam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera. Not only will the Illumicam light up your garden it can also take a high-res video or picture of anyone who tries to enter your garden area.

The IllumiCam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera & Audible Warning Description in Action

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