November 25, 2010

Christmas Spirit Gone Bad

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Over the next few weeks, Britain will be progressing into party season mode with office and workplace parties. Yes, it’s that time of the year when management share a few drinks with employees and everyone, supposedly, is having a great time as the festive spirit starts to take hold.

Normally, a few red faces emerge after the Christmas night out, as stories and mobile snaps of unsuitable behaviour is passed around the office or workplace. In many cases this will be as far as it goes and it will all be taken in good humour.

However, there is a darker side to the Christmas Party, for each year there are thousands of woman and men, that are raped or assaulted due to a drunken festive night has been taken too far.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we know that everyone loves a good night out, we also understand that all too often men and women can misinterpret the signals given out by others due to an excessive night of drinking. If you don’t want someone’s advances to go any further than one of the best ways is to alert passers by that you are in situation that you would rather not be in. Crime Prevention Products offer a wide range rape alarms that will fit discreetly into your bag or pocket no matter the size.

November 24, 2010

Combat Christmas Counterfeit Crime

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In the run up to Christmas people will be busy thinking about how much money they have to spend on presents etc… With finances being somewhat restricted many of us might buy goods at less than half price, thinking you’re getting a bargain.

This year there is a major campaign – warning shoppers against buying counterfeit goods – as they don’t conform to regulated safety standards and, more importantly, the proceeds from the sale of these goods often go towards organised crime gangs.

However, it’s not only counterfeit goods that can be a problem for shoppers. For many of these crime organisations will attempt to flood millions of pounds of counterfeit money on to unsuspecting shops, market stalls and street vendors.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we may not be able to assist in helping you detect which goods are counterfeit and which ones are not, however we can help you detect any counterfeit money that might be trying to find a way in to your till. From Counterfeit Money Pens to Professional Quality Ultraviolet Detection Lamps, we stock a wide variety of Counterfeit Detection Products to help your business beat counterfeit fraud.

November 18, 2010

What Do Die Hard Revellers and Opportunistic Thieves Have in Common?

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fake tvAs the dark winter nights begin to take grip some people will be thinking there is nothing better than cranking up their central heating systems and relaxing in front of their TV’s, whilst watching their favourite soaps. However, there are still the die-hard revellers, that no matter how bad the weather gets, they’ll still have to have their nights out.

Opportunistic thieves are a bit like the die-hard revellers, no matter the weather they’ll be out, scouring for a chance to make some easy money and they love nothing better than a house, sitting in a winters evening, with no lights on.

Every weekend thousands of people leave their homes unprotected thinking, “This is a safe street”, only to return and find their possessions gone and even more disturbingly being left with the feeling that some stranger has been in their home.

Crime Prevention Products have the perfect home security device that will fool a passing criminal into thinking that someone is inside a house, even when their not – The Fake TV! This small lamp glows and flickers just like your television would, given off the impression to someone passing by that you’re tucked up inside watching your favourite soap during these long winter nights.

November 16, 2010

Ensure Safety With Handheld Metal Detectors

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We all love to have a good time, no matter if it’s a school disco, a university Christmas bash or the annual works get together, the thought of going out and enjoying ourselves with friends always makes us excited. However, a sad fact of modern living is the presence of drugs, in a recent report it was said that ‘levels of cocaine use in England and Wales are now the highest in Europe‘, (source), this can often lead to drug wars over territory and selling rights.

Last year it was estimated that almost 14 million people had tried cocaine in Europe alone.

With the traditional Christmas party season just a few weeks away organisers, managers and club owners might be worried about the amount of trouble that may be caused due to uninvited violence.

Although gun and knife crime are falling there are still some people that carry these weapons around. One of the best ways to alleviate the threat of this type of violence from your premises is to have Handheld Metal Detectors which enables you to quickly scan each person as they enter your venue.

Hand held metal detectors are the perfect solution for determining whether a visitor, intruder, or suspicious stranger is carrying a concealed weapon. Keeping unwanted trouble out while keeping those safe from harm inside.

November 12, 2010

Stop The Sneak Thief

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As the nights begin to get darker a lot sooner, homeowners might start to think about beefing up their home security. This might entail purchasing a new home security alarm system, door & window locks and even personal alarms for their children if their out-and-about during the cold, late nights.

As the winter weather beats down on our shores many of us tend to blot out the conditions outside by turning the central heating temperature to tropical settings and get cosy in front of the TV, surf the web or just enjoy a good book. This is the season when we spend more time than any other indoors.

Unfortunately, as we descend into hybernation mode, opportunistic thieves love this time of year, as they can often prowl unnoticied around our premises seeking out that slightly ajar window or back door allowing them entry into your domain.

At Crime Prevention Products we stock a range of products that can help foil any attempt by an individual to steal, defraud or take advantage of you. The PIR Curtain Alarm is a great device which is designed to protect an open window or unlocked doorway by alerting you of an attempted entry. This product can also be used as a welcome chime, again alerting you that one of your family or friends has entered your premises.

November 10, 2010

Perfect Home Improvements

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At this time of year, some residents are already thinking on which home improvements that could be done on their property, to make it more comfortable or even increase the value of their home. Extensions and conservatories are top of the list alongside redecorating and new furniture. However, there is one home improvement that is essential, one that most people forget about, and one that will increase your home security as well as saving you money through time.

Home alarms are an essential part of modern day living, not only do they inform you or your neighbours that someone is trying to gain entry but at night they’ll give a person that added assurance that you require to feel safe in your own home. Crime Prevention Products stock a vast range of home alarms which we feel are of the highest quality to help keep you, your family and possessions safe in your own home.

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