January 26, 2011

It’ll Never Happen To Me!

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It’s amazing to think how many people leave their homes everyday given no regard whatsoever to their home security. They simply close their front or back doors then head off thinking that their property is safe. “It’ll never happen to me!” That’s the attitude which some people take – unfortunately opportunistic theft does happen and all too often – even if you think you live in a safe neighbourhood.

As residents walk away from their unprotected homes they seen to forget that these contain a lifetime of memories including items that have been passed down from loved ones, as well as everyday items such as televisions, game consoles, jewellery and even cash. Losing all your precious possessions plus the crushing thought that someone has been in your home can be very distressing indeed to most families who have been burgled. In order to recover from a burglary you must first prepare your home to be burgled.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we believe that every home should be protected, that’s why we have a wide range of products that will make your home that little bit securer.

BT Home Monitored Wireless Burglar Alarm - £40 OFFDoor/Window Alarm with ChimeWindow StaylockMorticed Security Door Bolt and keyWindow or Patio Door Lock

January 18, 2011

Smile Dummy You’re On CCTV

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Opportunistic theft can happen at anytime and anywhere from the local shop to someone snatching your property out of your opened house window. However, the most frightening type of theft is when someone actually enters your property and helps themselves to your possessions while you or a family member ARE in the house. Some people can try and deter these opportunistic house invasions by thieves with having a home security system fitted, but to be honest if you’re already in your premises what is the likelihood that you’ll have your alarm system switched on?

There is no doubt that a closed circuit television (CCTV) is a great way to beef up your home security, and the great thing is that it can be run independently from your security system meaning that it can run constantly. However, in today’s financial climate some people may think that adding to their home security is something that can wait. But what if you were to give the illusion of having a CCTV system installed, at a mere fraction of the cost of a fully functioning CCTV system, making someone think twice that has dishonest intentions from carrying out the deed.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we supply a vast range of Dummy Internal and External CCTV Cameras that are indistinguishable from the real thing and can help fool even the best opportunistic thief into thinking that your premises is fully protected 24/7.

Dummy CCTV Camera - InternalDummy External CCTV Camera with Flashing LEDProfessional External Dummy Security CameraChaperone® Internal Dummy Camera with Mains Powered Pan Motor

January 13, 2011

Home Security CCTV Cameras

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Britain has over four million CCTV cameras that are constantly monitoring, recording and following everything we do. If you live in the larger cities or towns it is estimated that an individual is caught on camera at least three hundred times everyday. CCTV Cameras are a modern phenomenon, however, they still divide public opinion? In times gone by, images captured from ‘older’ CCTV Cameras would have been in black and white, grainy and somewhat out of focus. The introduction of modern Digital CCTV Cameras enhances image resolution and produces captured images which are now sharp enough to be used for positive identification in the event of any criminal activity.

Over the years, stretched police resources have relied upon investment of CCTV Cameras to help reduce the amount of crime in our cities, towns, and neighbourhoods. Now, even Councils are considering reducing the number of hours or even completely removing CCTV Cameras in a bid to help cut budget costs. There are those amongst us that see CCTV Cameras as an invasion of privacy and will see the reduction or removal of CCTV as a positive step. However, the consequence of a negative upturn in crime is a risk that could impact heavily in affected areas.

One of the more widely accepted uses of CCTV Cameras is to help bolster any home security system, giving you the reassurance that if you are unfortunate to have someone attempting to access your premises you’ll be able to give a positive identification to the authorities. Crime Prevention Products have a wide range of CCTV Cameras that will deter thieves from entering your premises and are a cost-effective solution to your home security issues.

January 11, 2011

Crime Prevention Special Offers for 2011

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Everyday in the media we hear about the rising cost of everyday essentials, in fact this year we have seen VAT rising to 20%, food costs spiraling and fuel expected to hit £6 a gallon by the end of the month. All this can only mean one thing – the cost of living continuing to rise. With money being tight and the dark winter nights still here, we know that there are opportunistic thieves that will be only to happy to walk away with some of your possessions while your back is turned.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we understand that at this time of year people may have overspent over the last few months and may not have the money in their pocket to splash out on some top of the range home security systems. That’s why we have our Special Offers Area where everyone can pick up a true bargain, without compromising on quality.

January 7, 2011

Protect Your Investment With Property Marking

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There are many ways we can protect our family, friends and possessions from intruders and opportunistic thieves – installing alarm systems, chains and padlocks and even outdoor security lighting. However, a sad fact is that we live in a time where people are only to happy to take advantage of the bike or toy that is laid unattended on the front lawn. This can be very upsetting for children when they realise that their bike or toy has vanished and even distressing for adults as they not only have to comfort their child but understand their investment of hard earned cash in the toy has simply disappeared.

In recent years the Police, Community Wardens and Crime Agencies have recovered millions of pounds worth of stolen goods. These goods simply sit in a warehouse waiting to be reclaimed by their rightful owners, however, with virtually no chance of tracing the owners they are eventually sold off at special auctions.

Property marking is a method of simply marking all your valuables with an identifying signature so they can readily be identified when recovered. Here at Crime Prevention Products we supply a vast range of property marking products that can help identify your valuables and products in case the unthinkable happens.

Permanent UV Property Marking PenChaperone Household Property Marking SetZipper Bag Property Marking KitID Mark 25 Standard Compound Stencil Kit

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