February 25, 2011

Outdoor Exercise – The Risk of Crime

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Over the last few months the people in Britain have been subjected to some of the worst weather imaginable. Temperatures hit record lows, snow lay several feet deep and the wheels of industry ground to a halt. It was a long bleak winter for most.

With the weather being so bad, most of us who had made a New Year resolution to lose weight found that our meaningful decision had to wait a little while we waited for the snow and ice to melt.

However, as the weather begins to warm up (eventually) and the light nights and mornings start to creep back in to our lives, it’s time to start thinking about that fitness regime again.

Keeping fit can mean many thing to different people. You may be the indoorsy type who burns the calories using Wii Fit or some other console program. Perhaps you like to dance your dinner off and head off to Zumba classes every other night. But for the majority of us – doing extra exercise means taking walks across the countryside, or even jogging/running through the local park. However no matter how light the mornings, or nights, become there is always an element of risk and becoming a victim of crime when participating in outdoor exercise.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we understand that in the upcoming months, a greater number of us than usual may be out training for their 5k or 10k run/walk for the ‘Race for Life‘ organised charity events. Like all training regimes, you have to be properly prepared and this does not mean just having the proper shorts, vest and the occasional Hi-Energy drink about your body.

People must consider their own safety and assess the risks when doing outdoor training. Crime Prevention Products have a vast number of handheld personal alarm systems specially designed for those who prefer doing their exercise in the outdoors.

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February 22, 2011

Staying Safe on a Backpacking Holiday

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Round about this time of year people may be busy thinking about their annual getaway. The thought of heading off for a week or two to some sunny shore or Backpacking through some foreign countryside is enough to get everyone excited. Hours will be spent planning, discussing and booking the holiday, either online or through the local travel agents, making sure that everything is just right.

When it comes to your annual holiday, no one expects things to go wrong. However, as we all know sometimes nothing ever goes to plan. Holiday firms going into administration, hotels being closed down and freak weather patterns can turn your fortnight break in to a holiday from hell. In most cases, people will have holiday insurance which will cover them for most of the inconvenience, after all, that’s why we purchase it in the first place.

A few things to consider when it comes to Backpacking, Horse Riding or even Skiing holidays, either in your own country or heading further afield… People have to be more aware of the dangers of something going wrong. Although specialist holiday insurance is a must, there are also other precautions that are advisable to help protect yourself as well as your possessions.

Crime Prevention Products have a range of Travel and Backpacking security products which will alert attention, help protect and hide some of your most valuable possessions. Door guards and alarmed door wedges for hostels, hiding places for your passports and money and even emergency lighting are all products that should be thought about before heading off on your backpacking adventure.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we believe that everyone has the right to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Keyless Door LockEmergency Wind Up TorchSafe-Book the brilliantly clever hiding placeSport And Hikers Sponge Alarm

February 18, 2011

Home CCTV Cameras Ideal Home Protection

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When it comes to Closed Circuit Television or CCTV, we in Britain do it better than anyone else in the world. In fact it is estimated that there are now well over 4.2 million CCTV cameras watching everything we do. From driving to our friends house to doing our weekly shop there will be a high chance that you will have been monitored on a CCTV surveillance camera.

The CCTV camera was first used by the Germans back in 1942, by the engineer Walter Bruch, who used it to record the V2 rocket launch, since then over a hundred million CCTV cameras are now being used in every part of the world.

Love them or loathe them, CCTV cameras are a part of everyday life and companies such as your local convenience store, banks and petrol stations have used CCTV for years to help tackle shoplifting and to monitor suspicious behaviour. When it comes to CCTV they can be used for a variety of purposes and not only to help the police combat crime, they also help organisations such as the AA to look for accidents on busy roads or cars that have broken down.

In recent years, CCTV cameras, have been a welcomed extra to beef up your own home security systems. Often giving residents that extra peace of mind knowing that if someone was to attempt to intrude into their personal space then their image would be caught on camera – making it easier for police identification and an arrest possible.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a vast selection of CCTV systems which will be an ideal welcome addition to any home security set-up.

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February 16, 2011

Social Media Worms

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facebook worms and spammersWith the explosion of the internet and particularly the growing interest in social networking sites, people can simply look online and see ‘who is on holiday’, ‘who is out with friends’ or ‘who is starting a new job’. All these status updates alert a lot of people of what their doing in real time.

However, many users of Social Networking sites are naive to secure the information they post to their profiles. Making it easy for cyber criminals to scrape personal details for their own uses. Another trick that happens on sites such as Facebook is unsuspecting users clicking on harmless looking links that claim ‘they’ll show you who is looking at your profile’. Fact is, most of these links want access to your profile details, their called Facebook Worms and their sole intention is to infect a persons personal computer with malware. The link then posts a message to your profile telling others to perform the same task you just undertook and so the Worm spreads, collecting data as it goes.

There are sites out there that will help protect you if you’re unsure about clicking on a link – even if that link has been shortened by URl shortening services such as bit.ly etc.. One such site is the AVG Threat Labs (www.avgthreatlabs.com/sitereports) that allows you to enter a websites address and instantly see if that site is safe to browse…

Remember, when we talk of the term cyber crime we are not just talking of large multi national companies that deal in millions of pounds, it refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. With 500+ million people now activily posting their details onto social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, You Tube or Twitter, people have to be aware that they could be leaving not only their computers open to cyber criminals but their homes and businesses as well.

February 11, 2011

Peace of Mind With a Personal Protection Device

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At this time of year, you’ll find on any high street or shopping mall, men in a state of stunned confusion as they ponder what they can get their loved ones for Valentines Day – flowers, chocolates even a bit of designer jewellery may be at the top of their list. However, despite the fact most women loved to be spoiled, what about giving the love of your life – peace of mind. Wife’s, girlfriends, even daughters will love these simple fashionable personal security devices.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we are committed to giving our customers the best value for money for personal security alarms since 1992. We believe that two of the best personal protection devices which not only look great and are fashionable but when activated can stun an attacker into shock allowing vital seconds to make an escape.

Heart Trinket AlarmHeart Trinket Alarm, this small metallic, powerful personal alarm and is the ideal security device for those that are fashion conscious. This alarm will not look out of place attached onto a handbag or purse (it can also be used as a keyring alarm or house or car keys) and when activated blasts out a powerful 110dB+ alarm siren. The convenient on/off switch prevents accidental activation. Available in three stylish and attractive colours.

Heart Keyring Personal AlarmHeart Keyring Personal Alarm, this is the ideal personal alarm system for younger females. Because of its shape and size it is extremely discreet. The heart shape makes it ideal to be carried along with car/house keys or attached to a handbag/purse as a modern day charm. If activated the Heart Keyring Personal Alarm will emit an ear deafening 128db siren. Ideal for teenage girls and young women and because of its stylish design it will encourage them to make it a permanent necessity like a mobile phone to be carried with them at all times.

February 2, 2011

Look Who is Walking Up Your Driveway

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When it comes to protecting your property most people can install the latest home security measures such as wireless burglar alarms, window and door alarms and even security lights around your building. However, what about the residents that live in larger properties such as farm buildings or estates? The perfect solution would be to know that someone was approaching your property before your home alarm system was triggered.

Early warning systems such as driveway alarms are an ideal addition to any security measures that you have currently in your home. Driveway alarms are the ideal way to alert you that someone has entered your homes perimeter and is now heading towards your property, giving you the opportunity to assess the situation.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a number of driveway alarms which will detect and alert you that someone is approaching – no matter the size of your property.

Home/Residential Driveway AlarmSpectrum Wireless Driveway AlarmRanch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeProfessional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km Range

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