April 13, 2011

Driveway Alarms – The Perfect Home Accessory

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It’s estimated that over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries take place every year in Britain. That equates to a burglary, nearly every 37 seconds. Having someone invade your personal space, often leaving your home in turmoil, as they ransack your house, looking for something of worth is never a pleasant experience. This is one of the reasons we believe that every home in Britain has to have some kind of home security system – it’s worth remembering that the ‘good old days‘ are long gone and you’re just asking for trouble if you vacate premises while the doors and windows are unlocked.

At Crime Prevention Products we understand that home security comes in many forms from simple but effective door security and locks to the top of the range alarm systems which will alert, not only you, but the local authorities that someone is trying to gain access to your home. However, when it comes to protecting your family, early detection has to be the priority, that’s why Driveway Alarms have to be the perfect home accessory.

Driveway Alarms are designed to alert you that someone is approaching. They’re perfect deterrents not only for homes with driveways but business properties, secluded farm sheds and estate buildings. Allowing you time to assess the situation and take the appropriate action. Here a few of the Driveway Alarms that are available to purchase from Crime Prevention Products

Home/Residential Driveway Alarm Ranch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeProfessional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km Range

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