July 29, 2011

Deter Burglars With Dummy Cameras

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Over the last few months, we’ve heard in the media that crime, especially burglary, is on the increase. People are tempted to burgle for all sorts of reasons however the end game is always the same – convert small, valuable items (such as jewellery, mobile phones, and laptops) quickly into cash. Yet, there are many business/home owners that won’t take heed that burglary statistics are on the rise… Let’s get this clear – no one is immune from being burgled – no matter what neighbourhood you stay in!

Contrary to popular belief, protecting your home does not have to cost a fortune and you can still improve your home security even if you have limited funds. Distraction techniques still work best and prevent your business/home from being the target of an opportunistic burglar.

One of the best ways to do this is to ‘fool‘ the thief into thinking that you have a top of the range CCTV System protecting your property.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we offer a range of dummy cameras that are manufactured from real camera housings, mountings and fixings. Making them very difficult to distinguish from a ‘real’ CCTV Camera. They’re guaranteed to make an opportunistic thief think twice about illegally entering your premises and are a cost-effective way of protecting your home or office from burglars & intruders.

Dummy CCTV Camera - InternalDummy External CCTV Camera with Flashing LEDDummy Dome Security CameraChaperone® Internal Dummy Camera with Mains Powered Pan Motor

July 27, 2011

Backpacking Safety Tips and Devices

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Each year, we save our pennies in preparation for the family annual holiday to help us relax, recharge our batteries before we begin to settle back into the ol’ daily routine. However, as the family matures our grown children will soon decide that holidaying with the parents ‘cramps their style’ and will decide to make their own holiday plans. In recent years backpacking has become very popular among young people as it’s an affordable way to travel and offers a great experience to sample different cultures close at hand.

Although backpacking holidays can be very rewarding and safe, as parents we naturally worry about our children’s safety as they head off on their ‘big adventure’.

Here are just a few backpacking safety tips and devices that any backpackers should be aware of before they head off on their big experience:

  • Arrange ‘home callback times’ most populated areas areas will have wi-fi making it easy to communicate back home. If you’re travelling in less populated areas do your homework before you set-off as to how and when you’ll be able to communicate.
  • Backpackers should invest in purchasing good quality locks to help keep their valuables safe.
  • Personal alarms are a great way to ward off unwanted attention and help give any backpacker those vital seconds to make an escape.
  • Any backpacker should always research the country they’re going to visit beforehand as it will help in understanding the different customs and laws they’ll face.

At Crime Prevention Products we can supply you with range of travel and backpacking security devices which will help add to their safety and ease the concerns of parents.

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