August 5, 2011

Businesses Fight Against Fake Notes

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Many more of us than normal will be choosing to holiday in our coastal towns over the summer. This will obviously give a welcome boost to local economies. To help cope with the extra influx of holiday makers, businesses will hire inexperienced workers, family members and school friends to help look after their shops, stalls and cafés.

Coastal businesses rely on the summer trade to help them survive through the winter months. In-fact for many of these small businesses every penny counts as this could be the matter of survival or going bust.

So just imagine the humiliation and anger they’ll feel when they take their hard earned cash to the bank only to be told by the teller that they’ve received counterfeit money and it’s worth nothing. That accounted for money will be burnt by the authorities while the business is out of pocket for the goods which they’ve ‘sold’.

There are several devices that can be used to show you which is a fake note and which are real. At Crime Prevention Products we have a number of counterfeit detection products which will ensure that all your money stays in your account.

Please remember, you should never try to use or pass a forged note to someone else, the penalty could be up to 10 years in prison.

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