September 30, 2011

Fireproof Your Premises With Anti Arson Letterboxes

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Remember, remember the 5th of November, The Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. As many of you will know, this is the start of a nursery rhyme that was written to commemorate the failed gun powder plot of 1605 when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. So, as we approach this date we ready ourselves for a night of bonfires, the night sky lit up with fireworks and the inevitable loud bangs that drive most dogs crazy. For most, Bonfire Night will pass with no trouble at all as councils and community groups organise special events to help celebrate this custom with safety as the main priority.

The dark side of Bonfire Night is that ceratin individuals/groups use this time of the year to terrorise neighbourhoods. In England they call it ‘Mischievous Night‘ where youths have been known to set fireworks off down local streets, place ‘bangers’ through people’s letterboxes even attacking other teenagers, pets and local business all in the name of ‘fun’.

Ask any home or local business owner, who has been the victim of a firework prank, just how much damage a ‘banger’ or ‘rocket’ can cause to premises.

Crime Prevention Products are committed to protecting local residents and businesses that’s why we can supply some of the markets best Anti Arson Letterboxes, which will ensure that if anything flammable is placed though your door, that’s as far as it gets. Our Anti Arson Letterboxes have been tested at the Warrington Fire Research Establishment to determine performance.

You can now buy from the CPP shop and pay in Euros or $US Dollars. Please feel free to read more about our International Shipping Information.

Slimline Anti-Arson Letterbox - Ideal for Home, Office, School etc.Jumbo Anti-Arson LetterboxChubby Anti-Arson LetterboxWall-mounted Anti Arson Letterbox

September 28, 2011

Dummy Cameras The Cheap Security Solution

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With today’s economic turbulence and the price of everyday essentials fluctuating, many residents are feeling the pinch and becoming reluctant to spend their hard earned cash on ‘top of the range‘ items including security systems. The question is “how much money do you really have to spend on securing your property”?

When it comes to home burglaries – statistics show that the majority are committed by opportunistic thieves! Statistics also show that if your property has any visible security devices the chances are high that a thief is less likely to tackle your premises and seek out an easier target.

In this technological age, we have security devices that will contact you and inform you that someone has entered you property whilst you’re miles away… You can even logon to the Internet using your SmartPhone and watch the burglars in action. Some devices will send you text messages giving you up-to-the-minute status updates about the security of your property. Then, there are personal alarms that not only emit a deafening sound but will also cover your assailant in a permanent florescent paint.

But you don’t need to spend a fortune on the latest hi-tech security gadgets to keep your property safe!

At Crime Prevention Products we stock Dummy Cameras that are designed to imitate the real ones in every way possible. Modern dummy cameras use real camera housings ensuring that even to a professional eye they’re difficult to tell apart. So, if you require home or commercial security cameras and are looking to save money then check out our best selling, low cost Dummy Cameras:

Professional External Dummy Security CameraChaperone® Internal Dummy Camera with Mains Powered Pan Motor

September 14, 2011

Sentimental Items – What Price?

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When it comes to home and garden security most of us understand that it’s important to have at least some kind of protection – from simple door and window locks, outdoor security lighting to a top of the range wireless burglar alarms – these security devices manage to give us some kind of peace of mind. Yet, there are still residents that believe they don’t require any protection whatsoever! As they “live in a good neighbourhood”, and, after all, they pay “home insurance” should anything unfortunate happen.

Home insurance is designed to protect your possessions should anything unfortunate go wrong, from breakages and mishaps, to someone breaking into your home and stealing your laptop or busting open your garden shed to thieve your lawnmower. However, as we are all aware, there are certain items which are more difficult then others to replace. Items such as sentimental possessions, that may have been passed down from generation to generation or camera and pen drives which, nowadays, contain all your family photos & digital video files. As we touched on earlier, these are items that hold sentimental value to their owner but are just a means to earn some quick cash for any opportunistic thief.

When it come to protecting items of sentimental value don’t leave them to chance, here at Crime prevention Products, we can supply your home with security devices that will ensure every part of your home is well protected and lower the odds of the distress of being burgled by an opportunistic thief. Don’t leave it to chance – protect it!

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