October 28, 2011

The CPP Facebook Giveaway

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It’s time for the details of our CPP Facebook Giveaway competition.

We’re allowing one lucky person to claim their very own – FakeTV – the small lamp that glows like a Television!

OK, we’ve said it’s a ‘Giveaway‘, but we’re really looking for something in return… Likes!

The more ‘Likes‘ we have on our Facebook page then the more times we’ll be able to offer special promotions like this one!

Sound good so far?

All you have to do is ‘Like’ the CPP facebook page and in 5 weeks time we’ll bung everyone’s name into a very smart hat and pick a random winner.

For those of you, who have already liked the page then don’t despair – as all you need to do is suggest the CPP Facebook page to a friend and if they ‘Like’ us, (and why not), then they just need to send us a quick message that you referred them to our page and your name will be added into the draw as well.

The closing date for this competition is Thursday the 1st of December 2011, @ 7pm. We’ll then run our random draw and one lucky person will win a fab FakeTV.

Good Luck Everybody!

October 14, 2011

The Perfect Handbag Accessory

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In just a couple of months time many directors, managers and employees will be heading out to either their local bar, restaurant or club in order to celebrate their companies annual Christmas party. This is one of the few occasions where managers and employees can forget all about the pressures of everyday work thus allowing them to let their hair down and relax. This is also a time when many employees see this as the perfect opportunity to treat themselves and spend their hard earned cash on a new xmas outfit.

Alongside those new togs there is one accessory that always turns heads and that’s a new designer handbag (which may have cost a small fortune). Although it’s not just those with a keen fashion sense who will have noticed your new bag – opportunistic thieves may also show their appreciation and will be keen to see it close-up as well as the contents of you’re handbag.

No one likes to place their new (or old) handbag on a wet, dirty floor where it may be accidentally kicked under a table and even out of sight. That’s why we at Crime Prevention Products can supply you with the perfect handbag accessory the Handbag Keep-Safe Hook With Compact Mirror… This simple device will keep any handbag well out the way of dirty floors and more importantly in easy sight of its owner.

With the average contents of a handbag totalling around £350 – never mind the purchase price of the bag itself – it’s worth making sure you keep your handbag safe whilst looking good at the same time.

October 12, 2011

Make Stalkers See Red With The Mace UV Defence Spray

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In recent months there have been numerous stories in our media regarding the rising trend in people being stalked. Ranging from famous footballers to gay communities it has to one of the most frightening experiences for a person to endure that someone is stalking you! Stalking just doesn’t happen in the real world either as Cyber Stalking is a growing concern and brings its own challenges for the authorities to stamp-out.

Facts Regarding Stalking in the UK:

  • Over 1.2 million women and 900,000 men are stalked every year according to The British Crime Survey 2004.
  • 8% of women and 6% of men are stalked every year.
  • 19% of women and 12% of men have experienced stalking or harassment at some point in their lives.


In a recent study carried out by Napo (the probation officers union) found that victims of stalking were being failed by our legal system. The study which is the first of it’s kind shows that sentences handed down to stalkers have been far to lenient. In fact last year in Britain there were 120,000 cases of stalking in which 53,000 were reported as a crime, however only 2% of the offenders were given a custodial sentence and a further 10% had to do community service or handed a fine. (source)

Crime Prevention Products understand that everyone deserves the right to their freedom whether it’s walking to the shops or enjoying yourself on a night out. That’s why we supply a host of personal security devices such as Defence Sprays which can cover your attacker in a bright red UV dye not only giving you time to react and escape but also help the authorities identify the culprit even days later as the dye is very, very stubborn to remove.

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