December 23, 2011

Watch Out For Fake Banknotes

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Most local and high street shops have been selling goods at bargain prices to help save their financial future in the run-up to xmas. With money being tight and the cost of fuel, utilities, rates and rent rising, most shops will be just be managing to keep their heads above water. Every penny counts, and as they head to the bank with their daily takings – the last thing they’ll need to hear is that they’ve sold goods on and received fake banknotes in exchange.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we’ve written several articles explaining the dangers of receiving counterfeit money and the fact that once you receive this fake money you are legally bound to hand it into the bank. Even worse news for the shop owners, is that once the ‘fake banknotes’ is handed back, there is no compensation and little chance of receiving the goods back to resell.

Crime Prevention Products wish everyone to have a very prosperous New Year and to help ensure that every penny taken over the counter is legitimate we stock a vast array of Counterfeit Detection products.

December 16, 2011

Give A Big Welcome To The Solar Powered Welcome Light

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We’re always on the lookout for the latest security devices which will make life, that little bit harder, for any opportunistic thief! Over the years, we’ve introduced covert cameras, home alarms and driveway alarms onto our website which have been a massive hit with our internet customers. We also stock a vast array of personal alarm devices that are designed to not only keep you safe but look fashionable as well.

However, one of the best security devices we sell throughout the winter months has to be the external security lighting (after-all, no thief wants to be illuminated in light if they decide to loiter outside your home). At Crime Prevention Products we want to introduce to you another perfect security device, that will not only keep opportunist thieves far from your door it’ll also welcome you, your family and friends home.

The Solar Powered Welcome Light has a PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor which, when activated, will illuminate for one minute before the Super Bright White LED switches itself off again, ready to be activated once more.

The Solar Powered Welcome Light only requires direct sunlight, a couple of times a week, to remain fully charged and would be a perfect addition to any homeowners home security needs.

December 2, 2011

Make A Mark On Your Possessions

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Remember the days when you were happy to receive just one main Christmas present? Oh, how have times changed! Parents and Grandparents, nowadays, spend small fortunes on making sure our kids ‘want for nothing’! Of-course, you can point the finger of blame to commercialism or ‘Pester Power‘ or just ‘overdoing it for the sake of overdoing it‘. Fact is, with many gifts costing in excess of £100 per item, it’s no wonder parents are anxious to protect their kids’ gifts long after the Christmas day euphoria has passed.

As parents we’re only to aware that our children are notorious for leaving/dumping toys and bikes in the front garden or driveway, heck even in the street… in full view of any opportunistic thief that just happens to be passing by. These thieves may not be part of any organised crime syndicate, they may be children from another estate or town or just someone wanting to make some quick, easy money down the local pub.

Every year millions of pounds of stolen property is recovered by the police and other government bodies, however, identifying the owners can prove to be a bit more tricky. One of the best ways to help make sure your property is identifiable is to place a special mark on it, a unique mark that only you will know – such as your postcode. Crime Prevention Products can supply various Property Marking Kits that will ensure that if your possessions are stolen and recovered they have at least a chance of being returned to you.

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