January 25, 2012

Early Warning Farm Security Systems

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Burglary is on the increase in farms, rural homes and businesses. It only takes a matter of seconds for an opportunistic thief to break-in to a farm building and be off with expensive farm tools and equipment. Beacuse of the remoteness of the property it’s difficult to know when someone is snooping around! Plus relying on the Police to catch the culprits in the act is a very long shot indeed.

Which is why, if you own remote property, it makes sense to install an early detection device such as a Driveway Alarm. These are the perfect addition to any farm or outbuilding security system which may already be fitted. Driveway alarms can be highly effective, detection up to one mile away with some systems, which makes them ideal early warning systems for farms, large estates and outbuildings.

We have a selection of Driveway Alarms that will fit perfectly alongside any farm, outbuilding, home or estate’s security system and be an ideal deterrent to any thief and help keep your property safe.

Professional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km RangeRanch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeSpectrum Wireless Driveway Alarm

January 20, 2012

January Special Offers

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After the hectic turmoil of the last few weeks, many of us will be taking time out to relax and give our bodies a bit of a break from booze and rich food. Yet, while we take a backseat, there’s no such thing as rest for your ‘not-so-friendly-neighbourhood-burglar‘ as they’ll be constantly on the look-out for that perfect opportunity such as an open window, door or garage where they’ll be able to make some ‘easy money’.

When it come to home security and personal protection, we at Crime Prevention Products are constantly trying to encourage our readers to be more pro-active. Of-course, we understand as this is January, money is always an issue and people are always on the look-out for a bargain, which is why we have our own dedicated Special Offers Page.

Here, our readers can find discounted security and personal protection products for a short time only.

As well as our discounted items it worth pointing out that we also supply personal alarms from as little as £1.99.

Keypad Intruder Alarm (Battery Operated) BT Home Monitored Wireless Burglar Alarm - £40 OFFCovert Button Camera Kit HALF PRICE!Mini DVR with 2.5 LESS THAN HALF PRICE!

January 6, 2012

Sun, Sea and Security

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After the last few weeks of partying, many revellers will have hit the ground with a bump this week as they consider starting back at work… There’s the thought of early rises and travelling to work in the cold, dark and wet winter mornings. It’s enough to make you stick you head back under the pillow. It’s not surprising to learn that, just after the New Year, is a boom time for booking the annual spring or summer break, as we try to kick those January blues into touch. Having an annual holiday is a great way for us Brits to relax, whether it’s in own own country or sunning ourselves on some foreign shore, it’s always a great pickmeup knowing, in just a few months, you’ll be heading for some fun in the sun.

Yet, in the months ahead, as millions of us head off on our annual holiday, we’ll do so with little or even no regard to travel safety. As we at Crime Prevention Products are constantly pointing out, it only takes a matter of seconds for an opportunistic thief to make off with something of value, whether that might be your bag, purse, wallet, passport or cash.

When it comes to protecting yourself, family and possessions, whilst on holiday, we have the ideal security devices to help keep you safe and make sure your long-awaited break goes to plan.

Beat Burglars On A Budget

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With the very real increased ‘risk’ that burglaries will rise during 2012, many home, shop and business owners may be wishing to beef up their security. However, there is still the myth that installing additional security features to a premises could end up costing a small fortune. This is simply not the case, as there are cost-effective, alternative solutions, available to purchase that can help you to beat burglars on a budget.

When it comes to protecting your possessions, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras have to be one of the best deterrents in home and office securityas no thief would be willing to take the risk of being caught on camera. The downside to this, is that some owners may think that installing these high definition cameras and recording equipment may be out of their price range, but you can keep costs down, and still give the illusion that you employ the use of recording equipment on your premises by using Dummy CCTV Cameras.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a carefully selected range of perfect dummy cameras that will help protect your home, office or shop from any opportunistic thief. As many of our dummy cameras are manufactured from real camera housing’s, this makes it near impossible to tell the difference from which are real and which are fake – so for a fraction of the price you CAN beat the burglars on a budget.

January 3, 2012

Alert Pal The Ultimate Plug And Play Security Device

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Burglaries tend to happen quickly, well, the most opportunistic ones do… An open window or poorly secured door is noticed and within minutes, some person(s) are in and out of the property and off with someone else’s valuables.

In these instances, it’s very unlikely the offenders will have been spotted and the likelihood of being caught and the goods returned very slim indeed.

Now, what if you could install an affordable security device in just a matter of minutes which could send you images of a break-in of your property in progress direct to your phone. Not only that, it will also let you hear live audio, works off it’s own power plus it’s extremely portable, so can be used in garages, caravans, boats, workshop or farm buldings as well as in the home and office buildings.

Quite impressive, eh?

This is why at CPP, we want to introduce to you, the ultimate in plug and play home security devices – The AlertPal!

The AlertPal is a complete GSM Fire and Security System and because of its portability can be used almost anywhere. It’s very easy to set up, and works from a PAYG Sim card on either O2 – ORANGE or the VODAFONE network. Simply install the 2 door or window detectors, the smoke detector, configure the AlertPal system by sending a few simple text messages to the camera and you’re good to go.

You can read more about the AlertPal by clicking the link.

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