April 27, 2012

Don’t Break the Bank to Protect your Possessions

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home securityWhen it comes to protecting your treasured possessions, there are various home security devices which residents can install to ensure they’re safe from harm… Modern Wireless Burglar Alarms that will alert you, your close neighbours and inform the authorities that someone is trying to gain entrance to your property… Home CCTV systems and garden security lighting that can record and store High Definition images/video of any intruders breaking into your home.

However, installing home security systems can sometimes be an expensive outlay and families with financial commitments may understand the benefits of a home security system but just can’t commit due to the cost involved.

Over the last year, Crime Prevention Products has been warning our readers about the real threat of opportunistic theft and the fact that it only takes an instant for someone to steal your property.

This is why, we feel everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home… And why many home owners shouldn’t have to ‘break the bank‘ to afford home security.

At Crime Prevention Products we have a range of security hardware products that will ensure your goods are kept safe, without it costing you a small fortune…

Enhance Window Security
Products such as window bolts, window opening restrictor kits and universal press-operated window bolts can restrict the amount of theft through an unguarded window.

Enhance Door Security
There’s nothing more disturbing than an unexpected chap at the door, secure your door with a heavy duty door chain or better still a 180 degree door viewer so you can see who is waiting on your doorstep.

These are only a few examples, that we have to offer, which can protect your possessions without it costing you a small fortune. Look through our website, it’s got everything you’ll ever need for home security.

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