November 22, 2012

Using Fake Cameras For Home Security

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The debates over the usage of Closed Circuit Cameras on our British streets forever rages on. There are plenty of positve and negative arguments around using CCTV as a preventative action to help reduce street crime. We’ve also seen the rise of CCTV being used in Schools and local transport such as buses and trains.

Just how many Closed Circuit Cameras there are in Britain is anyone’s guess. Some organisations have tried an educated guess of a figure between 2 and 4 million. The fact is no-one really knows as there is no qualified body set-up to collect this information. Nowadays, anyone can install a CCTV camera on their premises and residents are doing just this every single day as the sales of home CCTV camera systems are growing exponentially.

Over the last decade we’ve seen the humble CCTV camera mature from capturing grainy, black and white images to using the latest in high-definition, digital technology which can produce images or video, no matter what time of day, with outstanding results.

When it come to home security, it’s best to understand that most crimes undertaken are of the opportunistic variety. Likely intruders will prey on homes with poor or no visible security measures.

This is what the Metropolitan Police have to say on the subject, “Making your home as difficult to get into as possible will help deter criminals, and that starts with your boundaries.”

In a year, when we’ve all suffered through the recession and cost cutting exercises, Crime Prevention Products has made home security products more affordable to families. Take for example our alternative to running a home CCTV system by installing Fake or Dummy Cameras.

Our Fake/Dummy Cameras use real camera housings, making them extreamly difficult to tell the difference between them and a ‘real’ system. By setting up Fake/Dummy Cameras as part of your home security gives you a cost-effective way of protecting your valuables from intruders by creating doubt in their minds.

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