August 25, 2010

Beat The Thief With Dummy Cameras

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When it comes to personal protection and home security, people can’t afford to take the “It will never happen to me” attitude, although many of us still do.

However, this doesn’t mean we have to go out and spend hundreds even thousands of pounds on the latest home alarms, driveway alarms or security lights to make sure we sleep safe at night. Crime Prevention Products understand that due to other financial commitments, home owners often find that their money is all but spoken for and therefore the home security system we wanted to install/upgrade is once again put on hold.

Still, people want to ‘Beat the Thief‘, that’s why we provide a full range of Dummy Cameras, that not only look realistic but can fool even the wisest of criminals.

Most of our Dummy Cameras use real camera housing so they are designed to look realistic while saving the owner money and are perfect for both interior and exterior use. Dummy cameras are ideal for companies which are trying to cut costs and home owners concerned about security working within tight budgets.

As most thieves are opportunistic, they are more likely to walk past your home or leave your possessions alone in your office, as they are not willing to take the risk of being caught on camera – fake or not.

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