September 28, 2012

Cash is King But Don’t Let Forged Money Make a Joker Out of You

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As the song goes, ‘Money Makes the World Go Round‘, but how would you feel, if you happened to take your hard earned cash to the bank only to be told by the clerk that it’s worthless?

Each year in Britain, tens of millions of counterfeit cash finds its way into circulation! In-fact, as far back as 2009, The Bank of England revealed there were around 566,000 counterfeit notes in the UK (95% of these were found to be twenty pound notes) around 1 in 5,000 was a fake note (source).

Many business owners understand that over the next few months, they’ll have the ability to give their business a boost as the Christmas spending spree kicks-in. Many also understand that there is a criminal element that’s only to willing to exploit young and inexperienced workers that have cash handling duities – often leaving their premisses with goods purchased with ‘dodgy‘ money.

With our country still in the grip of this latest recession, consumers will be unwilling/unable to use their credit or debit cards, so cash will become the main way to purchase goods.

Cash is King when times are tough and businesses will welcome customers willing to purchase with their hard-earned. This is when it becomes apparent that with cash sales every note placed into the till has to be genuine!

Here at Crime Prevention Products we pride ourselves in supplying the best counterfeit detection machines on the market.

Our Standard Banknote Counter With 3-Fold Counterfeit Detection will not only count up to 1,000 notes per minute but can also automatically check for counterfeit money using triple detection (UV, Infrared and Magnetic Ink).

With the recession lasting longer than expected, business owners have to make sure, more than ever, that every note is legal and theirs to keep!

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