September 28, 2012

Cash is King But Don’t Let Forged Money Make a Joker Out of You

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As the song goes, ‘Money Makes the World Go Round‘, but how would you feel, if you happened to take your hard earned cash to the bank only to be told by the clerk that it’s worthless?

Each year in Britain, tens of millions of counterfeit cash finds its way into circulation! In-fact, as far back as 2009, The Bank of England revealed there were around 566,000 counterfeit notes in the UK (95% of these were found to be twenty pound notes) around 1 in 5,000 was a fake note (source).

Many business owners understand that over the next few months, they’ll have the ability to give their business a boost as the Christmas spending spree kicks-in. Many also understand that there is a criminal element that’s only to willing to exploit young and inexperienced workers that have cash handling duities – often leaving their premisses with goods purchased with ‘dodgy‘ money.

With our country still in the grip of this latest recession, consumers will be unwilling/unable to use their credit or debit cards, so cash will become the main way to purchase goods.

Cash is King when times are tough and businesses will welcome customers willing to purchase with their hard-earned. This is when it becomes apparent that with cash sales every note placed into the till has to be genuine!

Here at Crime Prevention Products we pride ourselves in supplying the best counterfeit detection machines on the market.

Our Standard Banknote Counter With 3-Fold Counterfeit Detection will not only count up to 1,000 notes per minute but can also automatically check for counterfeit money using triple detection (UV, Infrared and Magnetic Ink).

With the recession lasting longer than expected, business owners have to make sure, more than ever, that every note is legal and theirs to keep!

December 23, 2011

Watch Out For Fake Banknotes

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Most local and high street shops have been selling goods at bargain prices to help save their financial future in the run-up to xmas. With money being tight and the cost of fuel, utilities, rates and rent rising, most shops will be just be managing to keep their heads above water. Every penny counts, and as they head to the bank with their daily takings – the last thing they’ll need to hear is that they’ve sold goods on and received fake banknotes in exchange.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we’ve written several articles explaining the dangers of receiving counterfeit money and the fact that once you receive this fake money you are legally bound to hand it into the bank. Even worse news for the shop owners, is that once the ‘fake banknotes’ is handed back, there is no compensation and little chance of receiving the goods back to resell.

Crime Prevention Products wish everyone to have a very prosperous New Year and to help ensure that every penny taken over the counter is legitimate we stock a vast array of Counterfeit Detection products.

August 5, 2011

Businesses Fight Against Fake Notes

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Many more of us than normal will be choosing to holiday in our coastal towns over the summer. This will obviously give a welcome boost to local economies. To help cope with the extra influx of holiday makers, businesses will hire inexperienced workers, family members and school friends to help look after their shops, stalls and cafés.

Coastal businesses rely on the summer trade to help them survive through the winter months. In-fact for many of these small businesses every penny counts as this could be the matter of survival or going bust.

So just imagine the humiliation and anger they’ll feel when they take their hard earned cash to the bank only to be told by the teller that they’ve received counterfeit money and it’s worth nothing. That accounted for money will be burnt by the authorities while the business is out of pocket for the goods which they’ve ‘sold’.

There are several devices that can be used to show you which is a fake note and which are real. At Crime Prevention Products we have a number of counterfeit detection products which will ensure that all your money stays in your account.

Please remember, you should never try to use or pass a forged note to someone else, the penalty could be up to 10 years in prison.

Our NEW Mains Operated UV Lamp Now With 9 Watt TubeChaperone® Money PenAdapta-Bat UV TorchBullet Keyring UV Torch

December 21, 2010

Fighting Against A Fraudulent Christmas

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With only a few shopping days left, and what with the recent severe winter weather, it is a high priority for most to access the local shops and markets and get as much shopping in as possible. This is usually a very busy time for some street traders and small shops with waves of shoppers bustling in and out, with money passing hands quickly before the next customer pushes in.

This is all a welcome boost to shop owners, however there is a darker side to this time of year… Counterfeit money is big business and millions of pounds of it is in our streets every day. Organised crime gangs know that shopkeepers and market traders are ideal targets and will be looking to pass on fraudulent money in return for legitimate goods. Remember, once you receive a counterfeit note it is illegal to pass it on to another customer. By Law you have a legal responsibility to take the fraudulent money to the proper authorities and out of circulation.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a number of counterfeit devices, that will quickly check and highlight to you that the money you’re receiving is either legal or fraudulent.

November 24, 2010

Combat Christmas Counterfeit Crime

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In the run up to Christmas people will be busy thinking about how much money they have to spend on presents etc… With finances being somewhat restricted many of us might buy goods at less than half price, thinking you’re getting a bargain.

This year there is a major campaign – warning shoppers against buying counterfeit goods – as they don’t conform to regulated safety standards and, more importantly, the proceeds from the sale of these goods often go towards organised crime gangs.

However, it’s not only counterfeit goods that can be a problem for shoppers. For many of these crime organisations will attempt to flood millions of pounds of counterfeit money on to unsuspecting shops, market stalls and street vendors.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we may not be able to assist in helping you detect which goods are counterfeit and which ones are not, however we can help you detect any counterfeit money that might be trying to find a way in to your till. From Counterfeit Money Pens to Professional Quality Ultraviolet Detection Lamps, we stock a wide variety of Counterfeit Detection Products to help your business beat counterfeit fraud.

June 3, 2010

Don’t Let Temporary Workers Give Away Your Money

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With the summer season arriving many small businesses such as shops, cafés and kiosks rely on employing temporary workers to help out throughout the busy season. Normally, it is an amicable relationship as the business copes with the extra trade without having to take someone on full time and the worker gets to earn some extra income. However, with all temporary employees it can sometimes create it’s own problems – such as them not being able to spot counterfeit money.

Crime gangs love to operate in the summertime exploiting young workers lack of experience and passing ‘fake’ money over the counter and receiving something for nothing.

This year don’t be taken for a fool check all the money that passes through your shop/kiosk. Train your staff well on how to notice counterfeit money and also what to do when they notice a note id a forgery.

Some of the best anti-fraud money detectors are:

May 14, 2009

Counterfeit Detection Still An Issue

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Like most businesses there nothing better than the sound of money going into your till, standing all day at your work premises, then at night going to put your hard earned cash into the bank only to be told that some of your money is illegal. Infuriating, don’t you think? Counterfeit money is big business and it is not confined to just UK shores this is a World wide problem.

February 20, 2009

Counterfeit Detection Lamps Just Got Smarter & Smaller

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The latest counterfeit detection model from Chaperone – The Multi Function Counterfeit Detection UV Lamp – has just been released and there are 2 main features that are instantly noticeable about this unique detection product :

* Its size, it is a lot smaller than previous counterfeit detection models
* Counterfeit Detection models just got a whole lot smarter, new technology helps the detector to switch on and off automatically, thus saving energy AND bulbs!


January 12, 2009

2009 – Year of the Counterfeit Scammer

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As if the retail trade isn’t having a tough enough start to the new year, many retailers are now being urged to be extremely vigilant when it comes to checking for counterfeit money. Organised criminals have upped their game in reproducing fake notes and despite the Bank of England’s efforts to make our notes hard to reproduce, there are an estimated 290,000 counterfeit notes circulating in the UK – a total value of £5.8 million.


September 23, 2008

Counterfeit Detector Pens (Forged Note Pens – Money Pens)

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Counterfeit Detection Pens are the latest technology for business owners when it comes to protecting their profits. People are very often surprised to find that they have been carrying forged currency around with them, and are clearly dismayed that it must be confiscated without any compensation. If your business is caught up in a counterfeit deal, you could find that a large percentage of your profits are actually null and void; the problem is that once counterfeit users realise you accept the forged notes they will keep doing business with you as well as drawing in more of the same type of business from their friends in the counterfeit business.

counterfeit_detection_pen1When the bank notices these counterfeit bills, they will be taken from your account and you can actually lose much of the profit you thought you were taking in. Clearly, this is no way to run a business. How do you stop your business from losing out on real profits? All you need to be aware of, is the threat of counterfeit notes. Once you have realised that they do exist where you may not have thought it possible ( tens of thousands of counterfeit £20 notes are currently in circulation), you can start to fight back and keep your profit margins looking healthy and staying that way.

Counterfeit Detection Pens are the simple way to do this and are exactly what they sound like; special pens with ink that allows you to tell the difference between fake bank notes and real ones. The pens (which are easily available by Mail Order from websites like Crime Prevention Products at are very easy to use, all you need to do is make a small mark on the note and check to see what colour the ink turns. Generally speaking, forged note pens will come out clear or light yellow on real notes and black or brown on the forged notes.

Vigilance of this kind means that sooner or later you will find counterfeit money but there is no need to panic over it; the point of checking your notes is to avoid actually taking this fake money as real currency and depositing it into your account. Forged note pens are a modern necessity for business owners.

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