January 25, 2012

Early Warning Farm Security Systems

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Burglary is on the increase in farms, rural homes and businesses. It only takes a matter of seconds for an opportunistic thief to break-in to a farm building and be off with expensive farm tools and equipment. Beacuse of the remoteness of the property it’s difficult to know when someone is snooping around! Plus relying on the Police to catch the culprits in the act is a very long shot indeed.

Which is why, if you own remote property, it makes sense to install an early detection device such as a Driveway Alarm. These are the perfect addition to any farm or outbuilding security system which may already be fitted. Driveway alarms can be highly effective, detection up to one mile away with some systems, which makes them ideal early warning systems for farms, large estates and outbuildings.

We have a selection of Driveway Alarms that will fit perfectly alongside any farm, outbuilding, home or estate’s security system and be an ideal deterrent to any thief and help keep your property safe.

Professional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km RangeRanch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeSpectrum Wireless Driveway Alarm

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