March 9, 2012

Why Driveway Alarms Work!

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Installing a home security alarm is an extremely worthwhile task, the benefits far outweigh the systems cost and installation time as you know that the alarm will alert neighbours, passer-bys and even the authorities that someone is attempting to gain entry into you property. However, would it not be better to actually stop thieves from entering your property before they get anywhere near your house? This is when you need additional security and this is why Driveway Alarms work!

Sensors on Driveway alarms are designed to alert that someone is approaching the building before they actually reach the front or back door. Some of our Driveway Alarms work up to a distance of a mile, making them perfect security additions for large estates, storage buildings and farms.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we offer a range of Driveway Alarms that are extremely easy to install and come at an affordable price…

Ranch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeSpectrum Wireless Driveway AlarmProfessional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km RangeSpectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm

February 9, 2012

Protect Your Garden Shed During The Winter Months

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With the weathermen predicting more snow and another cold spell ahead of us, many residents will be finding themselves heading home after their daily shift, close their front door behind them and not open it again until the next morning. This is typical winter behaviour, who doesn’t prefer to stay snug and secure inside as outside temperatures plummet. But this domesticated from of human hibernation during the cold months is also good news for the active thiefs ‘who live amongst us‘ as they can sneak around their gardens without any or little disturbance.

As we know, opportunist thieves will take full advantage of any situation, where they can make some free and easy money and unprotected garages and garden sheds are prime pickings. Think about it… What have you got stored in your garden shed… Bicycles? DIY or garden tools and equipment? Perhaps even expensive fishing equipment or golfing gear? All under one roof and probably poorly protected. Goods worth hundreds or thousands of pounds just waiting to be stolen without too much effort. You can now begin to understand why burglars target garden sheds, allotments and garages, up and down the country, at this time of the year.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we urge that people boost their security with extra locks and garage & shed alarms to make sure their property is safe and secure from winter time sneak thiefs.

December 1, 2010

Don’t Present Thieves With The perfect Opportunity To Break Into Your Garage or Shed

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It’s round about this time of year the opportunistic thief can really cash in, with many residents high on Christmas spirit their sense of security seems to take a back seat. Many will be too busy thinking about where to hide their newly purchased goods that they will not give a second thought to where they are hiding them. Garden sheds, garages and outhouses will be used as the ‘perfect‘ hiding places for anything from new bikes, remote controlled cars and dolls houses.

When it comes to hiding your Christmas presents please give a thought to where you are placing them, an old blanket over your goods at the back of the garden shed is not a good idea. However, if you have no option to use your garages and outhouses make sure they are well secured. Here at Crime Prevention Products we have a wide selection of Garage / Shed security products that will ensue that your xmas presents are safe no matter where you place them.

October 13, 2010

Business Security Never Need Be A Swan Song Again

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When it comes to protecting small businesses there are several methods you can use to help protect and deter opportunistic thieves from stealing your merchandise.

However, what happens if you have large premises or a warehouse – it can be much more difficult to protect all your stock plus keep an eye on who is coming in and out of the premises.

Crime Prevention Products are always on the look out for the best in home security products as well as factory security products and we are pleased to be able to supply you with the Swann CCTV System complete with a 19inch Colour Monitor. Not only does this system comes with a massive 500GB Hard Disk Drive which will be sufficient for 30 days continuous recording or the fact you can view live video on your 3G Phone and excellent night vision up to 15 metres but you can also view via the internet, just the thing when you are away on business.

October 1, 2010

Protecting Your Gardening Equipment

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As many gardener knows this is a crucial time of year as they have to prepare their land for the next growing season. However, one of the main problems about this time of year is the fading light. Gardeners will work through all weathers but they struggle to work in the dark.

Gardening equipment can often cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds and where do gardeners place there tools after a long day – in most cases they’ll likely tuck away that expensive equipment in an unsecured shed at the bottom of the garden.

With Christmas just a few months away, thieves will be looking for ways to gain extra money. Unfortunately, this might mean your shed could be penciled down on their shopping list as a potential prime target for them to give a little night time visit

Thankfully, there are several ways that you can deter thieves from entering your premises, but one of the best is by installing security lighting. Crime Prevention Products recommend the Illumicam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera. Not only will the Illumicam light up your garden it can also take a high-res video or picture of anyone who tries to enter your garden area.

The IllumiCam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera & Audible Warning Description in Action

July 29, 2010

Running On Alarm Power

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How many people up-and-down the country have recently purchased garages, sheds or even an extra outhouse? Then filled them with expensive items such as power tools, golf clubs, lawnmowers, heck even the family car, if there’s room. Now, how many of us have electricity wired up to their new garage, shed or outbuilding? Not many, I bet. Of course there are instances when hooking up your shed to the national grid is just not required – mostly, though, it’s the expense which puts us off the idea.

If you fall within the group of people (probably, the majority) that don’t have electricity running to your garage, shed or outbuilding, yet still need to fill it with expensive items and are worried about security then here at Crime Prevention Products we have just the product for you. The Yale Wireless Burglar Alarm Including External Siren is the perfect answer for the more remote location where power is not available, for example vulnerable farm buildings with expensive machinery or stock contents, remote houses or buildings, boat yards, Stable tack Rooms and even Containers which are used to hold valuable equipment.

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