October 25, 2013

Halloween Approaches!

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Halloween is traditionally a time of fun, each year though the police deal with a number of Halloween-related incidents involving criminal damage and anti-social behaviour. Calls, tricks or pranks may be harmless fun to some but can cause real distress to others so be aware that police will take a firm stand against anyone causing a problem. Behaviour such as throwing eggs or flour can also quickly cross the line from being anti-social into causing criminal damage.

Crime Prevention Products would urge anyone who is planning on going out trick or treating to act sensibly and not cause upset to other members of the community, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Equally important is the necessity for the trick or treaters to stay safe themselves & by following a few guidelines, you can ensure Halloween is safe and trouble-free for everyone.

I also would take this opportunity to remind retailers of their responsibilities about selling eggs or flour to children and teenagers at this time of year.

For the safety of the trick or treaters:

• Adults should always accompany their children when trick or treating & young people should never go alone.
• Parents must warn children not to knock on the doors of strangers, remind them that they do not know who is going to answer the knock! – they should only go to neighbours and people they know.
• They must NEVER enter a stranger’s house, just think about the risks here.
• Inform them to ALWAYS keep to well-lit areas and wear bright coloured clothing and carry a torch!
• Unless pre-arranged, they should not visit elderly members of the community and they must be careful not to frighten vulnerable people.
• Most important of all, they must keep their tricks within the law because anything that results in damage is an offence and will be dealt with as such by the police.

Do NOT approach houses with the ‘NO Trick or Treating’ signs. They really are there for a reason.

For the safety of the householder, at any point if you feel unsafe:

Don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there. Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and ALWAYS use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.

It is a good idea to have a contact number of a close relative or good neighbour to hand by your phone, just in case you need to call them.

If you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, let your coordinator know that you will be on your own at Halloween.

If you are a Watch coordinator, please identity people in your scheme that may be vulnerable and offer them reassurance.

Finally, there are a number of posters available to download free from your local police websites for your area should you wish to let trick or treaters know that you are not taking part in Halloween.

March 13, 2013

Join Us On Facebook And Win A Personal Safety Kit

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It’s competition time again! We have a fantastic Personal Safety Kit Giveaway we’d like to offer to all our Facebook friends old and new from Crime Prevention Products.

We will be giving away a Personal Safety Kit to one lucky follower of our Facebook page.

Our Prize Draw will take place on Tuesday the 2nd of July 2013.

The Personal Safety Kit from CPP is packed with a

All you need to do is just click the ‘Like’ button on our page and you’ll receive one free entry into our Personal Safety Kit draw.

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October 28, 2011

The CPP Facebook Giveaway

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It’s time for the details of our CPP Facebook Giveaway competition.

We’re allowing one lucky person to claim their very own – FakeTV – the small lamp that glows like a Television!

OK, we’ve said it’s a ‘Giveaway‘, but we’re really looking for something in return… Likes!

The more ‘Likes‘ we have on our Facebook page then the more times we’ll be able to offer special promotions like this one!

Sound good so far?

All you have to do is ‘Like’ the CPP facebook page and in 5 weeks time we’ll bung everyone’s name into a very smart hat and pick a random winner.

For those of you, who have already liked the page then don’t despair – as all you need to do is suggest the CPP Facebook page to a friend and if they ‘Like’ us, (and why not), then they just need to send us a quick message that you referred them to our page and your name will be added into the draw as well.

The closing date for this competition is Thursday the 1st of December 2011, @ 7pm. We’ll then run our random draw and one lucky person will win a fab FakeTV.

Good Luck Everybody!

December 16, 2008

Cops Send Thieves Christmas Cards

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A new iniative in South Devon has seen the local Police in Torbay send Christmas Cards out to well known thieves and trouble makers in the area. Although the message contained within the cards did spread some Christmas cheer it also reminded the petty criminals that they are being monitored and not to engage in criminal behaviour over the festive period.


July 21, 2008

Thieves Target Central Heating Oil Tanks

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The amount of oil held in the average outdoor central heating oil tank is probably worth at least £1200 and is now making it a real target for thieves.  Terry Rattee, Managing Director of Crime Prevention Products said “When you hear that thieves are already stealing petrol and diesel from cars parked up in the street because of the high cost of fuel at the moment, it was obvious that it wouldn’t be long before they  realised the huge profits to be made by stealing heating oil.”

driveway_alarm_newThere are two things that can be done to help prevent this type of crime. The first is to install a Driveway Alarm in the vicinity of the Oil Tank so that if anyone goes in the area of the tank, an alarm or chime is sent wirelessly to a receiver unit in the house.  (You may even fit additional movement detectors elsewhere around the garden which will send a signal to the same receiver unit inside). This way, the occupier is made aware of the movement and can take the necessary steps to stop the theft early.

The second is to secure the storage tank using a  Chaperone Siren Padlock Alarm which is robustly made and will trigger a 110 decibel two-tone alarm if tampered with!  Although the alarm stops after 10 seconds of inactivity, it will immediately re-sound if moved again and not many thieves want to hang around when such an alarm is going off, for fear of being caught.

Terry added “This Padlock Alarm is corrosion resistant and made with a hardened zinc alloy body and will sound off whether moved or subjected to shock (like being hit with a hammer or jemmy).  It is weather resistant and the batteries can only be accessed when the padlock has been unlocked.”

July 11, 2008

Fire Proof Letterboxes Will Prevent Arson Attacks

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POLICE officers have been conducting house to house inquiries in areas of Ramsey in relation to the ongoing investigation into a series of suspected arson incidents.  Two suspicious fires have now occurred in the town during the last 3 weeks.   The second happened at property in the Summerland area when a take- away food container was pushed into the letterbox and set alight.

A spokesman for the Northern Neighbourhood Policing Team said: ‘We are trying to gather as much information as possible and I am grateful for our community’s continued support and co-operation.”

slimline_anti_arson_letterbox_openingIf anyone has concerns about the security of their property, with particular regard to their letterbox access, you can get  Anti Arson Letterboxes  (see example right)  and metal Visor Guards (see below) which will defeat the criminal, hands down! visor_guard

The Fireproof letterbox contains a small polymer tube filled with  Ozone-Friendly FE-25 which will extinguish any fire within seconds, AND prevent it from re-igniting!

The Visor Guard helps prevent anyone reaching in through the letterbox to unlock the door or even to see much if they just try and peek in because they can only look downwards.  

Police are also hunting an arsonist who struck at a house in Dalton last week. A number of firefighters battled to stop the blaze spreading through the mid-terrace house in Harpe Inge, after being called at 2.45am. Petrol had been used to fuel the fire, which ripped through the downstairs rooms and spread to the rest of the house.  Smoke pouring from the blaze forced occupants of the adjoining houses to flee. 

Finally, in yet another attack an explosion which partially demolished a house in the West Midlands is being treated as arson, police have said. The blast in Smethwick, just before 5pm caused a severe fire and 3 people living at the three-storey semi-detached home were accounted for and a number of nearby neighborus were taken into temporary accommodation overnight.

June 30, 2008

Bike Alarms help reduce Bicycle Thefts

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chaperone_movement_detecting_bike_alarmThieves are in for a shock if they try and nick bicycles this summer thanks to a sophisticated new alarm now available by mail order. The Chaperone Bike Alarm (below left) is being backed by Crime Prevention Panels which hope the little black boxes (which are straightforward to fit) will spread across the country.

The summer months often see a rise in the theft of bikes with the mix of sunshine and children’s holidays seeing bikes left unguarded outdoors.

These 140dB alarms, that clamp onto a bike frame and are armed using a key, make a real racket when the bicycle is moved – acting as deterrent to scare away would-be-thieves. Imagine trying to ride off on a stolen bicycle that is screaming at 140 decibels as you go!

bicycle_cable_alarmTerry Rattee, Managing Director of Crime Prevention Products said “This alarm is a great contribution to preventing theft because any thief will drop it and run when they hear how loud it is.”

An alternative option is the  Bicycle Cable Alarm (shown right) which has a 120dB alarm and 8′ of reinforced cable built into it making it also ideal to secure lawn mowers – motor bikes – power tools etc.

These alarms are available in a few good shops but are easily obtainable by Mail Order from Crime Prevention Products, one of the UK’s largest Mail Order Suppliers of  Crime Prevention Products.

August 9, 2007

Increased Crime in the Countryside!

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NFU Mutual, has recently revealed that its network of more than 300 offices based across the rural community, think that crime in the countryside is on the increase. In fact, nine out of ten believe it is on the up, with 93% saying that local people are now more concerned about rural crime than in the past.

Based on their local knowledge, more than half of the offices surveyed (57%) think that both crimes against the home and garden crime are increasing in their area.

Laura Wood at NFU Mutual commented, “Our risk management team are now seeing more opportunistic theft taking place – with thieves prowling the countryside for high value portable items which they can get hold of easily and sell on quickly.”

Despite this apparent increase in rural crime, a third (33%) of offices said that worryingly, the people in their community are not becoming more security conscious.

ready when you are Wood continues, “We recommend that people take a look at the impression their property would give to a would-be thief on the look out for their next target. Locked gates, warning stickers in windows and evidence of Security Lights and Alarms all help to persuade opportunist thieves to try their luck elsewhere. Equally the presence of a barking dog, geese, a noisy gravel drive and prickly bushes around ground floor windows can all help to put thieves off.”

Fit and use security locks to all perimeter doors

Fit and use window security locks on ground floor windows and accessible first floor windows

Fit security heavy-duty padlocks and/or alarms to garages and other outbuildings
Don’t leave valuables on view
Secure ladders and tools out of sight
Security mark valuable property with your name and Postcode
Set timers for lights and radios when you’re not at home
Keep large sums of cash or jewellery in suitable safe protection
Keep garden tools secure and out of sight
Consider outside security lighting protection, suitably installed and located

Wood concludes, “The value of the rural garden is also on the up. People may potentially be spending more on state of the art barbecues, expensive garden furniture, tools and in some cases, valuable statues. When taking out home insurance, people often forget about sheds, stores and gardens. Although many home insurance policies will cover garden thefts, if you have some particularly valuable items then you should probably specify them on your policy individually.”

July 29, 2007

Metal Detectors in Schools

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Metal Detectors Your Safest Choice:
Everyone has taken the time to pass through a metal detector and known that feeling of safety associated with it. It’s very simply put: metal detectors work and make people feel safe.

That added feeling of security is found throughout many of our day to day buildings we use in our lives and is also available to schools. By designating a particular entrance available to those entering the school you can control who goes into the building and what they bring into it.

handheld_metal_detectorHand-held Metal Detectors allow the teacher or security guard to physically detect whether the person entering has any metallic items on them. The security agent simply waves the hand-held detector around the person to locate the source of any metal object.

Wondering how metal detectors work? There is an interesting explanation behind this effective and crime preventing item. Metal detectors use electromagnetic induction to detect objects that are considered metallic. Inside of the metal detector is a tool that when induced by a metallic current, it creates a magnetic field. When the metallic field comes in contact with a gun, a knife or even something as small as a razor blade, the device either emits a warning sound or if preferred, vibrates silently in the holders hand to warn of the presence of the object.

Hand-held detectors are affordable and identify exactly where the metal is located on a person’s body.

Stop taking chances and consider the metal detector as a method of deterrence for would-be criminals. Any security expert will tell you that having a metal detector is the ultimate way to put fear into the hearts and minds of criminals. People will think twice when they realise they have to pass through a metal detector in order to gain entrance. Consider making your building or checkpoint safer buy a metal detector today.

July 22, 2007

Arson Attack Through The Letterbox

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Family rescued after arson attack

Six members of a family were rescued from their home after it was set alight in an arson attack. Burning objects and fuel were put through the letterbox of a flat in the Park Village area of Wolverhampton last Wednesday evening.

Two adults and four children were led to safety by firefighters. West Midlands Police said they were investigating the incident and have appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

slimline_anti_arson_letterbox_openingThere are specially made anti arson letterboxes which are readily available which would prevent such incidents. These boxes come in various sizes suitable for the small home right up to the commercial offices and are very easy to install in a few minutes. They contain a neoprene tube which holds the extinguishant and works within a few seconds of the heat rising within the box. What is more, they also help prevent the material from re-igniting.

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