April 27, 2012

Don’t Break the Bank to Protect your Possessions

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home securityWhen it comes to protecting your treasured possessions, there are various home security devices which residents can install to ensure they’re safe from harm… Modern Wireless Burglar Alarms that will alert you, your close neighbours and inform the authorities that someone is trying to gain entrance to your property… Home CCTV systems and garden security lighting that can record and store High Definition images/video of any intruders breaking into your home.

However, installing home security systems can sometimes be an expensive outlay and families with financial commitments may understand the benefits of a home security system but just can’t commit due to the cost involved.

Over the last year, Crime Prevention Products has been warning our readers about the real threat of opportunistic theft and the fact that it only takes an instant for someone to steal your property.

This is why, we feel everyone has the right to feel safe and secure in their own home… And why many home owners shouldn’t have to ‘break the bank‘ to afford home security.

At Crime Prevention Products we have a range of security hardware products that will ensure your goods are kept safe, without it costing you a small fortune…

Enhance Window Security
Products such as window bolts, window opening restrictor kits and universal press-operated window bolts can restrict the amount of theft through an unguarded window.

Enhance Door Security
There’s nothing more disturbing than an unexpected chap at the door, secure your door with a heavy duty door chain or better still a 180 degree door viewer so you can see who is waiting on your doorstep.

These are only a few examples, that we have to offer, which can protect your possessions without it costing you a small fortune. Look through our website, it’s got everything you’ll ever need for home security.

March 9, 2012

Why Driveway Alarms Work!

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Installing a home security alarm is an extremely worthwhile task, the benefits far outweigh the systems cost and installation time as you know that the alarm will alert neighbours, passer-bys and even the authorities that someone is attempting to gain entry into you property. However, would it not be better to actually stop thieves from entering your property before they get anywhere near your house? This is when you need additional security and this is why Driveway Alarms work!

Sensors on Driveway alarms are designed to alert that someone is approaching the building before they actually reach the front or back door. Some of our Driveway Alarms work up to a distance of a mile, making them perfect security additions for large estates, storage buildings and farms.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we offer a range of Driveway Alarms that are extremely easy to install and come at an affordable price…

Ranch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeSpectrum Wireless Driveway AlarmProfessional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km RangeSpectrum GSM Guard Driveway Alarm

December 16, 2011

Give A Big Welcome To The Solar Powered Welcome Light

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We’re always on the lookout for the latest security devices which will make life, that little bit harder, for any opportunistic thief! Over the years, we’ve introduced covert cameras, home alarms and driveway alarms onto our website which have been a massive hit with our internet customers. We also stock a vast array of personal alarm devices that are designed to not only keep you safe but look fashionable as well.

However, one of the best security devices we sell throughout the winter months has to be the external security lighting (after-all, no thief wants to be illuminated in light if they decide to loiter outside your home). At Crime Prevention Products we want to introduce to you another perfect security device, that will not only keep opportunist thieves far from your door it’ll also welcome you, your family and friends home.

The Solar Powered Welcome Light has a PIR (Passive Infra Red) motion sensor which, when activated, will illuminate for one minute before the Super Bright White LED switches itself off again, ready to be activated once more.

The Solar Powered Welcome Light only requires direct sunlight, a couple of times a week, to remain fully charged and would be a perfect addition to any homeowners home security needs.

December 2, 2011

Make A Mark On Your Possessions

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Remember the days when you were happy to receive just one main Christmas present? Oh, how have times changed! Parents and Grandparents, nowadays, spend small fortunes on making sure our kids ‘want for nothing’! Of-course, you can point the finger of blame to commercialism or ‘Pester Power‘ or just ‘overdoing it for the sake of overdoing it‘. Fact is, with many gifts costing in excess of £100 per item, it’s no wonder parents are anxious to protect their kids’ gifts long after the Christmas day euphoria has passed.

As parents we’re only to aware that our children are notorious for leaving/dumping toys and bikes in the front garden or driveway, heck even in the street… in full view of any opportunistic thief that just happens to be passing by. These thieves may not be part of any organised crime syndicate, they may be children from another estate or town or just someone wanting to make some quick, easy money down the local pub.

Every year millions of pounds of stolen property is recovered by the police and other government bodies, however, identifying the owners can prove to be a bit more tricky. One of the best ways to help make sure your property is identifiable is to place a special mark on it, a unique mark that only you will know – such as your postcode. Crime Prevention Products can supply various Property Marking Kits that will ensure that if your possessions are stolen and recovered they have at least a chance of being returned to you.

November 18, 2011

Bargain Home Security

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Over the last few months, the good people of Britain have been constantly hit with bad news regarding the nation’s economy. Firstly, we suffered the fear of job insecurity and wage freezes then growth began to slow and now we’ve watched unemployment reach its highest since 1996 with youth unemployment has now tipped the one million mark. With the holidays just around the corner, there will be many residents who’ll be wondering what they’re going to do to ensure their family has a decent Christmas.

We’re constantly warning our readers that it only takes a thief a mere couple of seconds to spot an opportune open door or window and be off with something of value. It’s no wonder it’s called ‘easy money‘ for a reason. Even garden sheds and garages will be targeted if opportunistic thieves reckon they can make a quick buck without the risk of being caught.

Crime Prevention Products also understand that when money is an issue the last thing you’ll be wanting to be spend your hard-earned cash on is a top-of-the-range home security system. This is why we have our Special Offers page where we offer quality security items at discounted prices which will indeed protect your household without you having to spend a fortune.

November 4, 2011

Winter Time Home And Personal Security Tips

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Last weekend we said a fond farewell to the British summertime and adjusted our clocks accordingly, slicing an hour’s worth of daylight from our lives. At the moment, the only downside to adjusting our clocks to winter settings means we’ll get home from work in the dark. But as the week’s advance and winter time settles in, it’ll not be long before we’re heading off to work in the dark as well.

An expected rise in burglaries happens during the winter months as the cover of darkness makes it easier for sneak thiefs to get around. A piece of home security advice we’d like to offer home owners who get home after dark in the winter months is to think about installing security timers which can switch appliances on and off automatically at different times throughout the day – these can switch on lamps or radios – as there’s no better invitation to an opportunistic thief than you’re home sitting in darkness.

Also, elderly residents are often seen as ‘soft targets’ during the winter months. Which is why we urge people to “think ahead” in terms of protecting themselves. When it comes to personal alarms some may be too fidgety or too small to work with for our elderly customers and the pull rings can be somewhat impossible to grasp. Therefore we have the ideal personal alarm for those that have decreased mobility in their hands.

Our Chaperone Nightingale Personal Alarm has no cords or small pull rings just a very large button that activates the loud 120+ dB ear piercing alarm ensuring ease of use for elderly home owners.

September 14, 2011

Sentimental Items – What Price?

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When it comes to home and garden security most of us understand that it’s important to have at least some kind of protection – from simple door and window locks, outdoor security lighting to a top of the range wireless burglar alarms – these security devices manage to give us some kind of peace of mind. Yet, there are still residents that believe they don’t require any protection whatsoever! As they “live in a good neighbourhood”, and, after all, they pay “home insurance” should anything unfortunate happen.

Home insurance is designed to protect your possessions should anything unfortunate go wrong, from breakages and mishaps, to someone breaking into your home and stealing your laptop or busting open your garden shed to thieve your lawnmower. However, as we are all aware, there are certain items which are more difficult then others to replace. Items such as sentimental possessions, that may have been passed down from generation to generation or camera and pen drives which, nowadays, contain all your family photos & digital video files. As we touched on earlier, these are items that hold sentimental value to their owner but are just a means to earn some quick cash for any opportunistic thief.

When it come to protecting items of sentimental value don’t leave them to chance, here at Crime prevention Products, we can supply your home with security devices that will ensure every part of your home is well protected and lower the odds of the distress of being burgled by an opportunistic thief. Don’t leave it to chance – protect it!

BT Home Monitored Wireless Burglar Alarm - £40 OFFKeyfob PIR Intruder Alarm (Battery Operated) also ideal for Tack Rooms etc.Heavy Duty Door ChainERA Snaplock in white Suitable For UPVC Windows

July 29, 2011

Deter Burglars With Dummy Cameras

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Over the last few months, we’ve heard in the media that crime, especially burglary, is on the increase. People are tempted to burgle for all sorts of reasons however the end game is always the same – convert small, valuable items (such as jewellery, mobile phones, and laptops) quickly into cash. Yet, there are many business/home owners that won’t take heed that burglary statistics are on the rise… Let’s get this clear – no one is immune from being burgled – no matter what neighbourhood you stay in!

Contrary to popular belief, protecting your home does not have to cost a fortune and you can still improve your home security even if you have limited funds. Distraction techniques still work best and prevent your business/home from being the target of an opportunistic burglar.

One of the best ways to do this is to ‘fool‘ the thief into thinking that you have a top of the range CCTV System protecting your property.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we offer a range of dummy cameras that are manufactured from real camera housings, mountings and fixings. Making them very difficult to distinguish from a ‘real’ CCTV Camera. They’re guaranteed to make an opportunistic thief think twice about illegally entering your premises and are a cost-effective way of protecting your home or office from burglars & intruders.

Dummy CCTV Camera - InternalDummy External CCTV Camera with Flashing LEDDummy Dome Security CameraChaperone® Internal Dummy Camera with Mains Powered Pan Motor

April 13, 2011

Driveway Alarms – The Perfect Home Accessory

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It’s estimated that over one million burglaries and attempted burglaries take place every year in Britain. That equates to a burglary, nearly every 37 seconds. Having someone invade your personal space, often leaving your home in turmoil, as they ransack your house, looking for something of worth is never a pleasant experience. This is one of the reasons we believe that every home in Britain has to have some kind of home security system – it’s worth remembering that the ‘good old days‘ are long gone and you’re just asking for trouble if you vacate premises while the doors and windows are unlocked.

At Crime Prevention Products we understand that home security comes in many forms from simple but effective door security and locks to the top of the range alarm systems which will alert, not only you, but the local authorities that someone is trying to gain access to your home. However, when it comes to protecting your family, early detection has to be the priority, that’s why Driveway Alarms have to be the perfect home accessory.

Driveway Alarms are designed to alert you that someone is approaching. They’re perfect deterrents not only for homes with driveways but business properties, secluded farm sheds and estate buildings. Allowing you time to assess the situation and take the appropriate action. Here a few of the Driveway Alarms that are available to purchase from Crime Prevention Products

Home/Residential Driveway Alarm Ranch Wireless Driveway Alarm up to 300m RangeProfessional Long Range Perimeter Alarm with up to 1Km Range

March 4, 2011

Home Security For Everyone

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Opportunistic BurglarWhether it’s walking to the shops, getting fit in the local park or waiting to use the cash machine at the local convenience store, we want to feel safe while carrying out these actions. In saying that, recently we’ve heard various stories about people being robbed at gun point, women being assaulted as they try to get fit and even opportunistic theft, as masked people ‘snatch and grab’ handbags, laptops and wallets as people go about doing their daily business. Theft of any type can/and will leave most people traumatised often taking them months even years to overcome.

However, there is one crime that most people fear the most, the thought that someone has entered their personal space, looking through their personal possessions for items that can be easily sold on. One shocking statistic is that, every 37 seconds in Britain one house is burgled, that equates to over a million burglaries and attempted burglaries every year. Many people in Britain still have that “it will never happen to me” mentality when it comes to their homes as they “live in a good neighbourhood”, well thieves love home-owners like that, as they can often be seen as easy prey.

The other excuse that people use for not protecting their homes is that “modern house alarms can work out to be very expensive“, this can be true if you decide to go for the top of the range models with plenty of ‘extras’.

We at Crime Prevention Products believe that every home in Britain should have some kind of home security which will stop thieves simply walking in and out as they please. That’s why we stock an affordable range of home security products which will give you that extra peace of mind while your in or even out of your family home.

BT Home Monitored Wireless Burglar Alarm - £40 OFFHeavy Duty Door ChainGlass Guard Window AlarmMorticed Security Door Bolt and key

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