October 25, 2013

Halloween Approaches!

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Halloween is traditionally a time of fun, each year though the police deal with a number of Halloween-related incidents involving criminal damage and anti-social behaviour. Calls, tricks or pranks may be harmless fun to some but can cause real distress to others so be aware that police will take a firm stand against anyone causing a problem. Behaviour such as throwing eggs or flour can also quickly cross the line from being anti-social into causing criminal damage.

Crime Prevention Products would urge anyone who is planning on going out trick or treating to act sensibly and not cause upset to other members of the community, especially the elderly and vulnerable. Equally important is the necessity for the trick or treaters to stay safe themselves & by following a few guidelines, you can ensure Halloween is safe and trouble-free for everyone.

I also would take this opportunity to remind retailers of their responsibilities about selling eggs or flour to children and teenagers at this time of year.

For the safety of the trick or treaters:

• Adults should always accompany their children when trick or treating & young people should never go alone.
• Parents must warn children not to knock on the doors of strangers, remind them that they do not know who is going to answer the knock! – they should only go to neighbours and people they know.
• They must NEVER enter a stranger’s house, just think about the risks here.
• Inform them to ALWAYS keep to well-lit areas and wear bright coloured clothing and carry a torch!
• Unless pre-arranged, they should not visit elderly members of the community and they must be careful not to frighten vulnerable people.
• Most important of all, they must keep their tricks within the law because anything that results in damage is an offence and will be dealt with as such by the police.

Do NOT approach houses with the ‘NO Trick or Treating’ signs. They really are there for a reason.

For the safety of the householder, at any point if you feel unsafe:

Don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there. Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and ALWAYS use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.

It is a good idea to have a contact number of a close relative or good neighbour to hand by your phone, just in case you need to call them.

If you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, let your coordinator know that you will be on your own at Halloween.

If you are a Watch coordinator, please identity people in your scheme that may be vulnerable and offer them reassurance.

Finally, there are a number of posters available to download free from your local police websites for your area should you wish to let trick or treaters know that you are not taking part in Halloween.

May 21, 2013

Home Security over the Half Term

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As half term (and hopefully better weather) approaches it is time to begin thinking about security in and around your home. Whether you are simply going out for the day or lucky enough to be going away on a short holiday a would-be thief or burglar will be fully aware that there is a good chance that a house is going to be unoccupied.

It’s a fallacy to think that most burglaries only happen at night, they don’t, although they can happen at any time they are far more likely to be during the day than at night when they could so easily be stopped by a passing police patrol car. A burglar is unlikely to simply smash a window and hope that nobody is home, they will spend a bit of time observing the front of the property and will even ring at the door to see if anyone answers. Their next move is to check the rear garden area and look for a suitable window or door to gain entry. Much safer to work in the back than to risk being spotted trying to break in through the front!

Now you know what they will do, what precautions can you take to put them off?

The first things on this list are fairly obvious:

If you have a burglar alarm remember to set it! Pretty obvious I know but you would be surprised at how many people forget or think it is not necessary because they are only going to be away from the house for a few hours.

Stop the milk and papers and ask a neighbour to check the house regularly to remove the post and put it somewhere out of sight. A thief will always look through the letter plate to see if mail is building up on the floor – a dead givaway.

Ensure that any side gate is locked if possible. If they have to start climbing over fences to get into the back of the house it makes things just that bit harder for them.

Lock up sheds and garages securely, making sure that valuable garden machinery and tools are properly secured and NEVER leave a pair of ladders or other tools sitting around to help the thief get in.

If you have recently bought a nice new computer or flat screen TV – NEVER leave the empty packaging outside, it is a sure invitation that there is something worth stealing inside.

Lock all doors and windows securely, and don’t leave the keys to the windows in view. The aim is to stop making it easy for them.

If you haven’t got one, buy a plug in timer switch so that you can plug a lamp into it to turn on during the evening. Best to purchase one of the digital type of timers that allow different times on different days, otherwise a good burglar will notice that the light comes on at exactly the same time every day!

An upgrade to the timer switch, is to buy an inexpensive Fake-TV which is a clever little gadget that flashes in different colours and formations flickering in such a way that from outside the house, it looks genuinely as if the TV is on. The Fake-TV has a built in timer device or can be set to operate at any given time after dusk. A burglar knows that if the TV is on, then somebody must be at home watching it. Obvious really.

That’s it, Crime Prevention Products sincerely hopes that you will keep safe.

November 1, 2011

Show Your Loved One You Care With A Personal Alarm This Christmas

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In just a short while, we’ll be celebrating Christmas and we all know what that means for menfolk… Trolling through packed shops being pushed, pulled and harried looking for an ideal gift for our loved ones. As we are aware, women see this excercise as a well thought out operation and know exactly what they’re going for and where they’re going. A far cry from the head-bursting experience most men will go through as they scan the shops for some random item which they’ll ‘hope‘ will win favour and be appreciated enough not to make the round trip back to the shops a couple of days later to exchange it for ‘what she really wanted’!

However, you can always safe some face if you’re main gift doesn’t work out by purchasing a Heart Trinket Alarm as a small personal alternative present which shows you care about her safety.

The Heart Trinket Alarm is an attractive heart shaped personal alarm with a stylish metallic finish and is available in 3 eye-catching colours. It’ll fit discreetly into any modern handbag, purse or attach neatly to a house key ring. It may look small and pretty but it packs a powerful 110dB alarm when triggered giving your loved one the perfect opportunity to make their escape when needed.

The best thing is you can buy the Heart Trinket Alarm online and have it delivered without any effort on your part. It’s a perfect gift for Christmas as it shows you care about their safety, it’s really quite affordable and looks great as an accessory.

March 9, 2011

Keeping ‘Top-Cat’ and Friends at Bay

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Garden Wall SpikesOver the next few months we all expect the temperature to reach double figures and give us all something to smile about (after the record breaking lows of this winter, I think any rise in the temperature would be a welcome relief). Isn’t the warm weather great, as soon as it heats up we’re organising barbecues, garden parties and late night drinks on the decking with family and friends – here in Britain we love to make the most of the warm weather.

When it comes to the summertime, some parents love nothing better than to show off their football or cricket skills in the garden with the kids. However, all this laughter can suddenly turn to dismay if someone accidentally stands or slips in some cat faeces. Not only can this be very upsetting for any child or grown-up, it can also be very dangerous as cat droppings can carry the bacteria Toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a microscopic parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii, which is present in virtually all warm-blooded animals. However, when a cat is exposed to Toxoplasma parasites through the consumption of infected meat or tissues, the cat will eventually excrete millions of eggs in its faeces. When your child accidentally touches this muck – the eggs can then contaminate your child, who might then touch their eyes or mouth leaving them open to serious infection.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we believe that everyone has the right to be safe and enjoy themselves in their own gardens, which is why we supply Garden Wall Spikes. These robust plastic spikes are the perfect deterrent for not only keeping opportunistic thieves away but also your not so friendly neighbourhood cat.

February 11, 2011

Peace of Mind With a Personal Protection Device

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At this time of year, you’ll find on any high street or shopping mall, men in a state of stunned confusion as they ponder what they can get their loved ones for Valentines Day – flowers, chocolates even a bit of designer jewellery may be at the top of their list. However, despite the fact most women loved to be spoiled, what about giving the love of your life – peace of mind. Wife’s, girlfriends, even daughters will love these simple fashionable personal security devices.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we are committed to giving our customers the best value for money for personal security alarms since 1992. We believe that two of the best personal protection devices which not only look great and are fashionable but when activated can stun an attacker into shock allowing vital seconds to make an escape.

Heart Trinket AlarmHeart Trinket Alarm, this small metallic, powerful personal alarm and is the ideal security device for those that are fashion conscious. This alarm will not look out of place attached onto a handbag or purse (it can also be used as a keyring alarm or house or car keys) and when activated blasts out a powerful 110dB+ alarm siren. The convenient on/off switch prevents accidental activation. Available in three stylish and attractive colours.

Heart Keyring Personal AlarmHeart Keyring Personal Alarm, this is the ideal personal alarm system for younger females. Because of its shape and size it is extremely discreet. The heart shape makes it ideal to be carried along with car/house keys or attached to a handbag/purse as a modern day charm. If activated the Heart Keyring Personal Alarm will emit an ear deafening 128db siren. Ideal for teenage girls and young women and because of its stylish design it will encourage them to make it a permanent necessity like a mobile phone to be carried with them at all times.

December 16, 2010

Xmas Party Season Safety Tips

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Over the next weeks, many work employees will be heading out to restaurants, bars and night clubs as the winter party season gets in to full swing. With more people than usual out and about, celebrating and being merry, it is essential that a proper responsibility of care is shown by all. Nobody want to be a party pooper but neither is starting the New Year off with a harrassment charge hanging over their heads.

As the drinks begin to flow the atmosphere can become more and more relaxed, causing a certain amount of flirtation between some employees. Some people say this is ‘healthy’, and some people enjoy the attention it brings. However, when does simple flirtation become full blown harassment? For some men and women the Christmas party will end in tragedy with them being sexually assaulted. Work functions are covered by sexual harassment laws and the Work Christmas party is considered a ‘work activity‘ and is not just confined to your place of work – it can be an off-site party and also includes the journey home.

Examples of sexual harassment at a Work Christmas party include the following :

  • Unwelcome physical contact
  • Suggestive comments / sexual propositions
  • Leering / staring
  • Unwelcome enquiries into a person’s private life
  • Persistent unwanted requests to go out

Crime Prevention Products have a wide range of personal alarms that will alert anyone passing by that you are in need of assistance. A personal alarm can be a great detterent and help the victim gain some valuable seconds to get away from their attacker.

Heart Trinket Alarm

November 25, 2010

Christmas Spirit Gone Bad

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Over the next few weeks, Britain will be progressing into party season mode with office and workplace parties. Yes, it’s that time of the year when management share a few drinks with employees and everyone, supposedly, is having a great time as the festive spirit starts to take hold.

Normally, a few red faces emerge after the Christmas night out, as stories and mobile snaps of unsuitable behaviour is passed around the office or workplace. In many cases this will be as far as it goes and it will all be taken in good humour.

However, there is a darker side to the Christmas Party, for each year there are thousands of woman and men, that are raped or assaulted due to a drunken festive night has been taken too far.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we know that everyone loves a good night out, we also understand that all too often men and women can misinterpret the signals given out by others due to an excessive night of drinking. If you don’t want someone’s advances to go any further than one of the best ways is to alert passers by that you are in situation that you would rather not be in. Crime Prevention Products offer a wide range rape alarms that will fit discreetly into your bag or pocket no matter the size.

October 20, 2010

Halloween Personal Alarms

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With Halloween just around the corner, there is bound to be a spate of fancy dress parties taking place all over the country. Many revellers will be dressed up in some fantastic costumes and expect to have a good time drinking and partying the night away. One of the biggest problems with Halloween costumes for females is that some costumes can be “low cut and sexy” & expect the girl to be scantily dressed. It’s all part of the good fun and nature of Halloween.

Problems arise, however, when individuals see this as an invitation to take advantage of the situation and take it a bit too far. If you’re heading out this Halloween to a University, College, Pub or Club bash then consider taking a personal alarm with you. This small device will alert anyone that is passing that you require assistance. Crime Prevention Products have a range of Personal Rape Alarms that will fit discretely into your bag (no matter how small it is).

August 13, 2010

Give a Heart an Alarm

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In September, many young women will be looking forward to going to College or University. Moving out of the family home, making new friends and not forgetting the social evenings, can all prove to be a bit overwhelming for some. While others will relish in all the attention as late evenings and constant partying helps them forget the pressures of exams.

When it comes to personal protection, a high number of young women will take on the attitude “It will never happen to me!” However, as we all know, this is drastically the wrong attitude to take but try explaining that to a headstrong young woman. If you offer them a rape alarm or personal attack alarm they’ll probably take it but some will never carry it with them, spouting things like, “It’s not fashionable” or bury the alarm at the bottom of their handbag.

To combat this, have a look at the Heart Keyring Personal Alarm, this personal alarm looks like a fashionable accessory, however, it’s practicable as well, as it sounds out an ear piercing 128db which will help alert others in times of need. Now, there can be no excuses between looking stylish and keeping safe.

July 23, 2010

Feel Safer With A Personal Alarm

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What is about a small device measuring no more than a couple of inches square that can make people feel much safer whilst walking alone to the shops, home from a friends house or even on a night out. In today’s world, personal safety has to be one of the biggest concerns that we face and it’s not only women and the elderly but this also applies to teenagers and men. Personal alarms have the ability to give many people the peace of mind they require to go about their daily business.

Personal alarms
work by emitting a loud, high-pitched noise which will disturb you attacker thus giving you the time required to make your escape or even better let passers by know that you need assistance.

As the purpose of a Personal Alarm is to frighten and alert then the louder the better. We at Crime Prevention Products have some of the loudest most compact personal alarms on the market sounding out a powerful 120, 130 and even 140 decibels.

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