September 17, 2009

Mortice Security Door Bolt

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In today’s hi-tech world of Passive Infra-Red (PIR) security alarms, driveway alarms and window locks – it is hard to believe that burglars are still finding their way into our place of work. Once inside, a burglar is driven by adrenaline as they ‘work‘ their way from the point of entry, going through every drawer and filing cupboard, stealing anything they think has value.

Moving from room-to-room, sometimes trashing everything in their path but most importantly – infringing your personal space.

August 20, 2009

Power Securing Your Motorbikes and Cycles

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As the old saying goes “If a thief wants it they will get it”, however, the more security measures that are in place means the higher risk a thief takes off being caught in-the-act. Does this mean we simply give-up and make it easy for them? Not a chance!

What about protecting our possessions like motorbikes and cycles – which are targetted often because they are seen as an easy choice for thieves?

The use of a chain will deter some thieves but not all of them, if you really want to deter the most persistent thieves then try the Rhino Quadlink case Hardened security Chain, this 1.5 metre long hardened steel chain which is protected in it’s own sleeve and has a high resistance to bolt cutters and hacksaws.

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