March 22, 2012

Don’t Miss Out On Your Easter Holiday Caravan Meetup

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With the Easter holidays looming and the warmer weather starting to grace our shores this can only mean one thing for some, it’s time to hitch up the caravan and head-off for the first big caravan meet of the year.

In just a few weeks time, thousands of caravans will be hitting our roads, as they head off to their little bit of paradise. However, there will also be those caravan enthusiasts that will be missing out on all the excitement due to the fact that their pride and joy has disappeared from their gardens, driveways and compounds.

As we head into Spring and then Summer there is a sharp increase in the amount of caravans that are stolen, or attempted to be stolen, and the sad thing is that many will not have been insured (as it’s not a legal requirement in the UK).

Here at CPP we understand that many of our readers love nothing better than to hitch up their ‘van’ and head off to enjoy their ‘sense of freedom’. We also know that if a criminal really wants to break-in to your pride and joy then chances are they will!

However, deterrence is often the best form of prevention, that’s why we have several caravan security devices that will prevent anyone from simply driving off with your mobile home from home.

Telescopic Security PostTrailer and Caravan Hitch LockTriangular Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp - Home Office ApprovedStandard Wheel Clamp

February 8, 2012

Be Prepared When Driving in the Winter

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This week most of our country awoke to find a white blanket of snow covering their streets. Great news for anyone under the age of sixteen. Building snowmen, sledging and the occasional snowball fight were soon on the agenda. However, it wasn’t much fun if you were a driver and had to venture out onto the roads. Then, as the snow turned to ice, much of the North of England was brought to a near standstill on Monday as vehichles of all types got stranded on the A1(M) after a serious of accidents (source).

When it comes to driving in extreme weather, how many divers can say they are properly prepared? What would happen if you had to spend some time in your car, would you have the proper equipment to help you through a cold couple of hours? With the weather expected to stay below freezing for the next week or so, we at Crime Prevention Products would urge our readers to be prepared if they have to venture out onto the roads.

If you have to venture out, we would recommend that each car carries extra food including snacks and chocolate (which will keep your body active) as well as blankets, hats, scarves, gloves and a change of clothes (if possible). Not forgetting suitable footwear which will keep you warm if you are stranded for any length of time.

We would also recommend that you carry a personal alarm this will alert any passers by that you are in need of assistance and an Emergency Life Hammer which will help you escape you vehicle if the unfortunate should happen.

If you are not confident about driving and your journey is not essential then don’t make it!

January 6, 2012

Sun, Sea and Security

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After the last few weeks of partying, many revellers will have hit the ground with a bump this week as they consider starting back at work… There’s the thought of early rises and travelling to work in the cold, dark and wet winter mornings. It’s enough to make you stick you head back under the pillow. It’s not surprising to learn that, just after the New Year, is a boom time for booking the annual spring or summer break, as we try to kick those January blues into touch. Having an annual holiday is a great way for us Brits to relax, whether it’s in own own country or sunning ourselves on some foreign shore, it’s always a great pickmeup knowing, in just a few months, you’ll be heading for some fun in the sun.

Yet, in the months ahead, as millions of us head off on our annual holiday, we’ll do so with little or even no regard to travel safety. As we at Crime Prevention Products are constantly pointing out, it only takes a matter of seconds for an opportunistic thief to make off with something of value, whether that might be your bag, purse, wallet, passport or cash.

When it comes to protecting yourself, family and possessions, whilst on holiday, we have the ideal security devices to help keep you safe and make sure your long-awaited break goes to plan.

July 27, 2011

Backpacking Safety Tips and Devices

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Each year, we save our pennies in preparation for the family annual holiday to help us relax, recharge our batteries before we begin to settle back into the ol’ daily routine. However, as the family matures our grown children will soon decide that holidaying with the parents ‘cramps their style’ and will decide to make their own holiday plans. In recent years backpacking has become very popular among young people as it’s an affordable way to travel and offers a great experience to sample different cultures close at hand.

Although backpacking holidays can be very rewarding and safe, as parents we naturally worry about our children’s safety as they head off on their ‘big adventure’.

Here are just a few backpacking safety tips and devices that any backpackers should be aware of before they head off on their big experience:

  • Arrange ‘home callback times’ most populated areas areas will have wi-fi making it easy to communicate back home. If you’re travelling in less populated areas do your homework before you set-off as to how and when you’ll be able to communicate.
  • Backpackers should invest in purchasing good quality locks to help keep their valuables safe.
  • Personal alarms are a great way to ward off unwanted attention and help give any backpacker those vital seconds to make an escape.
  • Any backpacker should always research the country they’re going to visit beforehand as it will help in understanding the different customs and laws they’ll face.

At Crime Prevention Products we can supply you with range of travel and backpacking security devices which will help add to their safety and ease the concerns of parents.

Sport And Hikers Sponge AlarmKeyless Door LockSafe-Book the brilliantly clever hiding placeChaperone® Handbag Alarm with Torch facilityEmergency Wind Up Torch

February 22, 2011

Staying Safe on a Backpacking Holiday

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Round about this time of year people may be busy thinking about their annual getaway. The thought of heading off for a week or two to some sunny shore or Backpacking through some foreign countryside is enough to get everyone excited. Hours will be spent planning, discussing and booking the holiday, either online or through the local travel agents, making sure that everything is just right.

When it comes to your annual holiday, no one expects things to go wrong. However, as we all know sometimes nothing ever goes to plan. Holiday firms going into administration, hotels being closed down and freak weather patterns can turn your fortnight break in to a holiday from hell. In most cases, people will have holiday insurance which will cover them for most of the inconvenience, after all, that’s why we purchase it in the first place.

A few things to consider when it comes to Backpacking, Horse Riding or even Skiing holidays, either in your own country or heading further afield… People have to be more aware of the dangers of something going wrong. Although specialist holiday insurance is a must, there are also other precautions that are advisable to help protect yourself as well as your possessions.

Crime Prevention Products have a range of Travel and Backpacking security products which will alert attention, help protect and hide some of your most valuable possessions. Door guards and alarmed door wedges for hostels, hiding places for your passports and money and even emergency lighting are all products that should be thought about before heading off on your backpacking adventure.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we believe that everyone has the right to have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Keyless Door LockEmergency Wind Up TorchSafe-Book the brilliantly clever hiding placeSport And Hikers Sponge Alarm

May 27, 2010

Silent Killer Holiday Threat

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After working all year, a large section of the UK’s population will be thinking about packing their bags and heading off on their annual holidays. Getting ready for your holidays is always an exciting time, sure we deliberate and argue about what clothes are going to fit into our cases, swim shorts or “speedos” for the more adventurous amongst us. These are the small things that contribute to the excitement in the run-up to your holiday. However, this year when your packing your suncreams, antiseptic sprays and plasters give a serious thought to some Carbon Monoxide Detector Patches.

In recent years a number of holiday makers have fallen victim to this silent killer. No matter where your resting your head once you reach your destination, be it in a hotel room, holiday home or caravan be aware that “levels of carbon monoxide produced by faulty, poorly maintained or poorly ventilated fossil fuel appliances can build up very quickly to levels that can kill.” That statement was from Professor Qutub Syed who is from the Health Protection Agency.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning can produce symptoms similar to flu or food poisoning, including headaches and tiredness. So, for a few pounds protect you family and make room in that suitcase of yours for this life saving travel aid.

September 15, 2009

Heavy Duty Caravan Wheel Clamp

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With the last bank holiday now gone and the warm weather disappearing, most caravan owners will soon be turning their attention to safety and how best to protect their caravans from thieves simply hitching up and driving off with them during the winter months.

Alarms are great and do deter many thieves from getting their hands on other people’s goods, although the only drawback being if no one is around to hear your alarm going off, then…

For that very reason, it’s best to have a supporting security measure in place to deter even the most resolute thief.

September 1, 2009

Portable Door Guards

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Protecting your property and possessions is always a must, never more so than when you are away from home. Thieves understand this and see tourists and people on business trips as easy targets. That is why you should never relax your guard or your possessions will be gone. Depending on which security lengths you want to go to protect your valuables, it can get very, very, expensive. However, you CAN protect yourself and your valuables without it costing a pretty penny.

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