August 15, 2007

Counterfeit Documents can easily be spotted

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A former public schoolboy is currently wanted for a £100,000 forged driving licence racket. The former pupil of Westminster School admitted to a National Newspaper, manufacturing fake driving licences and selling them to pupils including pupils from other top fee-paying schools. Apparently the forgerd licences allowed the teenagers to buy alcohol at pubs and off-licences by hiding their true age. Detectives believe that at least 4,000 forged licences spanning the South of England were produced over the last two years and about 40 have been recovered in London alone.

Police also stated that they were very good copies and that the fakes were only discovered when some of the pubs and off-licences checked them with Ultra Violet Lamps which revealed the absence of watermarks.

multi_function_ultraviolet_lampThis highlights not only that shops and pubs are at risk, but also employers who check things like birth certficates and passports as evidence of identity or that an employee holds a full driving licence. One lamp available, the Multi-Function UV Lamp has a powerful 12 watts of Ultra Violet light which will show up such forgeries very quickly even in a well lit office or till area. The unit switches on automatically whenever anything is placed under the cover and then switches off again 10 seconds after removal of the document making it cost effective (and green) to run.

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