March 24, 2009

Door Security and Bogus Callers

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door_chain_mirrorBogus Callers it seems are still talking there way into our homes and helping themselves to our valuables and belongings, in some extreme cases violence is used. It is estimated there are around 35 bogus caller crimes committed everyday in the UK (Source: Home Office). These imposters will try and impersonate Water Board Engineers, Gas / Electricity Meter readers etc… anything they can think-of to scam their way into your home.

How Can You Prevent Bogus Callers Scamming You?

There are a number of initiatives you can put into practice to help you being scammed by bogus callers, they are :

* Never fully open the door to anyone, your not expecting a call from. Fit Door Security products such as a decent Door Chain alongside a Door Chain Mirror for added security.
* Stop scammers in their tracks by installing a Wireless Audio Door Phone System, which prevents you having to even open the door to someone your not sure about.
* Always, always, ask for ID. Normally, the Water Board or Gas & Electricity companies will forewarn you about home visits via a telephone message or letter.
* Scammers are clever, they’ll think of some excuse to get into your home, always be on your guard. If your gut instinct tells you something aint right, then trust it. If the person calling at your home is genuine, and you deny them access, then they’ll soon move onto the next door to seek help.

The figures don’t lie, 35 scams acted out everyday in the UK. The worrying part is that this number could be a lot higher, as many people don’t report a bogus caller, after they realise they have been scammed because of being embarrassed to do so. Don’t be another statistic, prevent bogus callers from getting one over you by installing some door security to help protect you, your family and your belongings.

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