May 29, 2009

Facebook How Safe is Your Area?

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In today’s society we can never be too careful, with opportunistic theft and snatch and grab on the increase we have to protect ourselves and our possessions, whether it be with personal alarms or CCTV. We are always looking for new ways to fight crime whether it be through the local police, private companies or facebook. Yes, that’s right Facebook!

facebook-crime-applicationEarlier this month Greater Manchester launched its application on crime, when you sign up you will be alerted to crimes that have taken place in your area. They are hoping that with the amount of youths visiting the social networking site, they will see the crimes as they are posted, and also that some of the opportunistic thieves will ‘brag’ about theirs.

Greater Manchester Police are hoping that as the application ‘spreads’ they will manage to get their anti crime message across better than any police operation. The Assistant Chief Constable Rob Taylor says “This application allows Greater Manchester Police to further raise awareness of incidents taking place in our local
communities” in its first weeks on the net they already have 300 people that have added the application, and over 160 use it regularly.

If this application is successful would it be worth trying it in all our major towns and cities?

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