June 16, 2009

Gang Loyalty Stronger Than Family

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Many of our children think that it would be cool to join a gang – as this would give them the opportunity to meet new friends (peers), a sense of importance, they might even think they are protecting their community. First of all, what is a gang? The Home Office defines a gang as three or more people spending a lot of time together for more than three months, some gangs can have as many as 1000 members. There is no law banning gangs or people joining gangs, its only the criminal activities they do that’s illegal.

Most gangs have rules and regulations that have to be followed by every member, some rules may
include, don’t fight with fellow gang members, don’t steal from fellow gang members and don’t have sex relationships with fellow gang members.

In a resent survey it was reported that 13% of gang members admitted to carrying a knife and 1% a gun (source). Many young people believe that being part of a gang is a glamorous lifestyle full of adventure, the fact is, this increases their chances of committing serious crimes, being involved in gang fights, violence prison and even death.

Many gang members have a sense of ‘belonging’, therefore object to other gangs entering their territory. If they do, that’s when trouble flares and others suffer as a result. Innocent Passerby’s are often injured as running street battles ensue. It has been reported that there are almost 257 crime linked gangs in London
(Metropolitan Police don’t recognise this number), but do admit that a major gang of 40 members can have an effect on the lives of 6000 people (source).

Gang culture is gripping our young, if you ever wondered to which levels gang participation can reach, then watch this video of ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Gang’ to give you a better understanding of just how powerful a ‘gang’ can become :

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