March 20, 2009

Give Personal Alarms This Mothers Day

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chaperone_pocket_keyring_torch_ao13blueAge Concern, the UK charity for the elderly, is prompting those of us with elderly Mothers to swap our Mothers Day gift of choclates/flowers for life saving personal alarms. The charity is concerned that the older generation are prime targets for thieves, muggers and robbers so personal alarms may be vital to help fight off / prevent attacks from happening. But the charity is also aware that personal alarms are a great way an elderly person to bring help if they have an accident or fall.

The older generation, of course, are very independent. And staying in their own homes, by themselves plays a large part in their independence. But in the event of them having a slip, trip or fall, then a personal alarm can bring attention if they are too hurt to reach a phone to make contact with someone. Nowadays, personal alarms are so slim and lightweight that are easy to carry on oneself and yet still produce an ear piercing 130+ decibels.

You can view Crime Prevention products full list of personal alarms : here.

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