August 7, 2009

Knife Handheld Scanner

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It is shocking to think these type of headlines are becoming the norm… “Man Stabbed” or “Child Critical After Knife Attack” or “Woman Attacked with Knife in Local Park” they are indeed a sad part of everyday life in today’s modern Britain. Knife crime has become one of the biggest killers in Britain in recent years, although some organisations try to mask the actual figures, one fact still remains, people are getting hurt by mindless thugs using knives to attack people.

police-scanning-youth-for-knivesNo matter what the government try to do to stop people carrying knives, for some this is a way of life, ‘kill or be killed’ a terrible flaw on our society. Nearly 20 young people have been stabbed to death on the streets of London so far this year, it is also estimated that 14,000 people were treated in hospitals due to stab wounds.

Police are using ‘Stop and Search’ tactics on youths within our streets, quite extreme tactics which drives a wedge even further between the Police and those being targetted. But until we can educate those involved with knives then we really have few options open to tackle the problem.

One such solution to preventing people being stabbed in our establishments is to confiscate the weapon before they enter a building. No matter if you are a school governor, security guard at a big event or a doorman at the local pub, disco, skating rink the Handheld metal detector is the ideal piece of equipment. Lightweight and easy to use this will detect pen-knifes from 15cm, razor blades from 9cm, and even hand guns from 28cm. It will emit a sound or vibrate when a weapon is detected.

It may be many years before we can stop knife crime in the streets but you can stop it in your own establishments.

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