September 9, 2008

Handheld Metal Detectors

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Handheld metal detectors work by using an electro-magnetic current; when a conductive metal is in the near vicinity of the device it will produce its own current and therefore disturb the main current. This disturbance is converted into an audio signal that alerts the user that metal is near the device and have proven very useful to the military in uncovering various weapons caches that pose a real threat to their missions and their lives; on a different level, however, these devices have found passionate users in regular society. handheld_metal_detector1

These devices are perfect for identifying hidden weapons on clubbers – Pub goers and even school children.

Many schools are now employing the use of Handheld Metal Detectors similar to those supplied by Crime Prevention Products. They are adjustable for sensitivity and may even be set to simply vibrate in the users hand instead of sounding a ‘beep’ so that, in this way, the suspect is unaware that something has been discovered. Lightweight, weighing in at 418grams and fully portable complete with a belt holder, these are ideal for any schoolteacher or security professional to combat rising crime in which weapons are used.

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