June 29, 2011

Illuminating Security Features

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protect your garden / yard with a security lightWhen it comes to protecting your property it’s advisable to have some sort of security installed on your premises. However, there is an area that many residents forget to protect – their garden or yard. Summertime is just as prone to backdoor theft as the dark nights. Probably more so, as expensive items are left outside such as barbecues, bikes and garden furniture that would normally be locked away in a shed or garage.

Most theft committed is opportunistic rather than the targetted type. In an instant someone will notice a bike or some other item in your garden or yard and take the decision, there and then, to snatch it for themselves. Protecting your garden or yard with security lighting has to be one of the most effective ways of deterring opportunist thieves. Few criminals are willing to commit a crime when the area is illuminated or will have immediate second thoughts about their actions when their unwanted presence triggers the sensor and their suddenly awash in illuminating light.

However, if may be that you’re in bed or out for the night and don’t notice the security lighting going on. This is when the IllumiCam Security Floodlight with Hidden Camera and Audible Warning comes into its own. Not only does the IllumiCam, illuminate your garden or yard, but once it is triggered it can then record a high quality 20 second video from its 2 mega pixel camera or even take a series of still photographs. Both the captured video and images will be time and date stamped.

There is also the option to set the IllumiCam to give out a loud audible warning as well. For example “You Are Trespassing” or “Warning! You Are Being Videotaped By A Security Camera”. You can even set the warning to the sound of a dog barking or just set it up to run in silent mode without any audio.

This summer, don’t let anyone spoil your fun in the sun, protect your home and garden.

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