March 9, 2011

Keeping ‘Top-Cat’ and Friends at Bay

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Garden Wall SpikesOver the next few months we all expect the temperature to reach double figures and give us all something to smile about (after the record breaking lows of this winter, I think any rise in the temperature would be a welcome relief). Isn’t the warm weather great, as soon as it heats up we’re organising barbecues, garden parties and late night drinks on the decking with family and friends – here in Britain we love to make the most of the warm weather.

When it comes to the summertime, some parents love nothing better than to show off their football or cricket skills in the garden with the kids. However, all this laughter can suddenly turn to dismay if someone accidentally stands or slips in some cat faeces. Not only can this be very upsetting for any child or grown-up, it can also be very dangerous as cat droppings can carry the bacteria Toxoplasmosis.

Toxoplasmosis is a disease caused by a microscopic parasite called Toxoplasma Gondii, which is present in virtually all warm-blooded animals. However, when a cat is exposed to Toxoplasma parasites through the consumption of infected meat or tissues, the cat will eventually excrete millions of eggs in its faeces. When your child accidentally touches this muck – the eggs can then contaminate your child, who might then touch their eyes or mouth leaving them open to serious infection.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we believe that everyone has the right to be safe and enjoy themselves in their own gardens, which is why we supply Garden Wall Spikes. These robust plastic spikes are the perfect deterrent for not only keeping opportunistic thieves away but also your not so friendly neighbourhood cat.

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