January 28, 2010

Keeping Your House Safe Day and Night

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At the end of the night, you pull out the plug to the TV or stereo, turn out the lights and lock the doors, then head to bed knowing that you are safe within your home. Or are you? In times of economic decline, it is imperative that you get your home security right! As opportunistic thieves will only be to happy to cash in on your mistakes.

There is a simple test, ask yourself, “do you feel safe day and night while you are in your own home?” We all know the answer should be yes, but with most people, if they are honest with themselves the answer will be no, or it could be better.

So how can you feel safe while in your own home?

With most theft being opportunistic, there are several precautions that you can do to stop your home becoming just another ‘breaking & entering’ crime statistic.

Windows and doors these are the areas that thieves will try first, people tend to leave their window open slightly whether it’s in the kitchen while cooking (burning) the Sunday dinner or in warmer weather where people just want a slight breeze blowing through there homes. However, what do you do, leave your handbags and car keys sitting on the window sills and work top all within easy reach.

Driveway and Garden areas this is how a thief will try and gain entry into your premisses, security cameras and security lights are a great way to deter any opportunistic thief from trying to gain entry.

Try to understand how an opportunistic thief thinks and you will begin to safeguard your house against unwanted attention.

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