April 23, 2009

New Crime Figures, Do They Speak The Truth

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Everyone can take steps to protect their property, from neighbourhood watch schemes, CCTV cameras, hi-tech wireless alarms these all work and have helped in the fight against crime. New crime figures released state that Burglary has been on the decrease, in-fact it has more than halved in the last 10 years (source) although these figures are for England and Wales only and also only include reported incidents. In a recent summit Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced that she is giving £20million to help keep this figure down and keep it down. Most of the money will be spent on giving free advice to persons that are concerned about becoming victims, helping the police in areas that are most at risk, and advice packages which will include discount cards to national DIY chains. £6 million of the money will be spent on local ‘handy-people’ to visit the elderly and those in low incomes and install home security devices.

With burglary on the decrease (according to the above report), opportunistic snatch and grab is still a worry to most people over the age of 65, some useful points to remember, try not to take large amounts of cash out from outside cash dispensers, go into the bank, always put your money into a wallet or purse and into a zipped bag, keep a hold of your bag at all times. There are a number of personal alarms on the market today if you are worried, talk to a security advisor to see if any of these would suit your needs.

One area that’s on the increase is that of the bogus caller some 12,000 people have been conned every year for as little as £10 to hundreds of thousands of pounds. Conmen are always up to new scams when it comes to calling at your door, just remember don’t let anyone into your home unless you are 100% certain who they are, always answer the door with the security chain on and always ask for identification with a photo is possible.

Remember that if you have to go and get your glasses to check their identification LOCK your door, never leave it unattended. Please, remember, givien the current economic climate thieves will try anything to get at your property.

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