February 25, 2011

Outdoor Exercise – The Risk of Crime

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Over the last few months the people in Britain have been subjected to some of the worst weather imaginable. Temperatures hit record lows, snow lay several feet deep and the wheels of industry ground to a halt. It was a long bleak winter for most.

With the weather being so bad, most of us who had made a New Year resolution to lose weight found that our meaningful decision had to wait a little while we waited for the snow and ice to melt.

However, as the weather begins to warm up (eventually) and the light nights and mornings start to creep back in to our lives, it’s time to start thinking about that fitness regime again.

Keeping fit can mean many thing to different people. You may be the indoorsy type who burns the calories using Wii Fit or some other console program. Perhaps you like to dance your dinner off and head off to Zumba classes every other night. But for the majority of us – doing extra exercise means taking walks across the countryside, or even jogging/running through the local park. However no matter how light the mornings, or nights, become there is always an element of risk and becoming a victim of crime when participating in outdoor exercise.

Here at Crime Prevention Products we understand that in the upcoming months, a greater number of us than usual may be out training for their 5k or 10k run/walk for the ‘Race for Life‘ organised charity events. Like all training regimes, you have to be properly prepared and this does not mean just having the proper shorts, vest and the occasional Hi-Energy drink about your body.

People must consider their own safety and assess the risks when doing outdoor training. Crime Prevention Products have a vast number of handheld personal alarm systems specially designed for those who prefer doing their exercise in the outdoors.

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