December 19, 2008

Personal Alarms Definitive Guide

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There has been a lot of talk about Personal Alarms in the press recently and it’s no surprise really when you consider we are entering the festive holiday period and hundreds of thousands more people than usual will be out in the Town / City bars and clubs celebrating. Personal safety is paramount and carrying an unobtrusive personal safety alarm on your belongings is a positive step.


How Do Personal Alarms Work ?

Personal alarms, although very small in size, can emit an earpiercing 130+ Db siren. That is an extremely loud noise which can be heard upto half-a-mile away and if released next to a persons ear can temporarily deafen them. Personal alarms can be split into 2 groups : battery operated and gas powered alarms. A personal alarm is activated by either a push button or the removal of a key ring.

How Does A Personal Alarm Protect Me ?

The most effective use of a personal alarm is to help buy you precious time to escape your attacker. Because of their high decibal sound there is a chance that help will come to you but you must never solely rely on that option. If you find yourself confronted by a person and feel threatened then activate your personal alarm and thrust it towards your attackers head area. The unexpected noise will throw them off balance allowing you valuable time to get away.

Who Should Carry A Personal Alarm ?

Anyone who values personal safety. Hospital Staff, Hotel & Bar workers, College Students, Family & Friends, Tourists … the list is endless. Some areas of employment or where you stay might make the risk of an attack slightly higher. Carrying a personal safety alarm is a pro-active step in keeping you safe from unknown dangers.

How Much Am I expected To Pay For A Personal Alarm ?

At Crime Prevention Products all our personal alarms fall between the £4 – £11 range. With the less expensive alarms you’ll get a product consisting of just the powerful alarm function. Higher end personal alarms incorporate additional features. These can include torches, or strobe lighting to further distract an assailant. The more expensive personal gas alarms can combine their formidable sound with a repelling odour spray, and an ultraviolet tracer that leaves no visible stain…until detected by a police UV scanner.

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